100 Years Ago… – Significant Circumstances


Al Fazl, 29 October 1918

Apology: At the outset, the severe onslaught of the disease, which has nowadays turned into an epidemic in every part and corner of the country, was affecting the surrounding towns and villages of Qadian where people profusely began to fall ill. 

When Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II was apprised of it, he instructed Ahmadi doctors to tour the villages, examining the afflicted and supplying medicines on a free basis. Thus, the doctors began touring villages, supplying them with medicines with their assistants who were Ahmadis. 

However, a few days thereon, complaints of this disease arose in Qadian too. It has been told to be a contagious disease which spreads extremely swiftly and transmits from one person to another. As a result, many people began to be affected by it. As all offices here, whether they be of newspapers or other departments, have the same number of workers to carry out their jobs as correspond with the extreme limit that they require, a collective leave has occurred because some from among them have fallen ill or are engaged in attending to their [ill] family or other people. 

This was the reason why no newspaper was able to be published after 5 October and this paper is also being published with great difficulty and endeavour, to inform friends who reside externally of the significant circumstances. If God enables and His grace remains ever present, efforts shall be made for the newspaper to be regularly published in the future, Insha-Allah. 

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