100 Years Ago… – Tabligh in Malabar, USA and China and consideration for other places


Al Fazl, 14 May 1920

News from Malabar

A missionary to Bihar, Maulvi Abdur Rahim Sahib is engaged in tabligh and the Jamaat is progressing by leaps and bounds. He went to Kudali and 22 people accepted Ahmadiyyat, alhamdolillah!

Opposition is also at its peak. Members of the Jamaat are requested to pray.

K Abdullah Ahmadi

Sadiq enters America

The news that Hazrat Sadiq has been finally allowed to enter America will be heard with great delight as he has now entered the country. A telegram has been received in Qadian. Upon receiving this telegram, a holiday was observed in madrasas and other institutes. I believe that the prayer of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih brought about this miraculous outcome. The person for whom there were no sending of telegrams and no resolutions or jalsas [voicing requests] to let him enter, and on the contrary, gatherings were held in his opposition and newspapers wrote against him, he was released within a few days and entered the country. Praise be to Allah who made this all possible!

I present congratulations before Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II[ra] on this joyous occasion.

Three students of Ahmadiyya Madrassa to China

We have learned that three students from the madrassa have sought permission from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih to go to China and carry out tabligh. It is not known at this time what Huzoor’s instructions are in this regard. These students wish to travel without any demand for money. It shows that we are moving swiftly towards awareness and progress. Their names are Abdul Ahad, Allah Ditta and Tajuddin.

Ahmadiyya missions in different countries

Nowadays, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih has his eyes set on many countries, wherein the need for promulgating Ahmadiyyat is felt. Plans to set up missions in those countries are in view. Huzoor[ra] intends to send such people there who are only given the travel allowances along with the expenses of one or two months, after which they are expected to generate funds themselves and carry out tabligh as well.

Consequently, proposals for setting up missions in Greece, Japan, Madras, Assam and Egypt etc. are under consideration.

Missionaries will soon be sent to the said places. Once they reach there, they will also do some work. The names of these missionaries will be reported later.

Interesting discussion no. 1

Ahmadi: (To a non-Ahmadi friend) Assalamo alaikum, Maulvi Sahib!

Non-Ahmadi: Namaste, Sahib.

Ahmadi: Oh! Maulvi Sahib, when did you become an Arya Samajist?

Non-Ahmadi: Sahib, since your sect is a new sect like the Arya Samajists, I have answered in this manner.

Ahmadi: Maulvi Sahib, do you know what is the belief of the Arya Samajists?

Non-Ahmadi: No!

Ahmadi: It is a sect that denies all the prophets, from Adamas to Ahmadas. Moreover, it is written in the Holy Quran that a person who denies one prophet is a denier of all. You are a denier of Hazrat Ahmadas, hence you deny all the previous prophets. Now tell me! Who are the Arya Samajists? Us or you? Also, your answer, “Namaste”, is evidence enough to show that you are in fact an Arya Samajist.

Non-Ahmadi: (Silent, surprised and dumbfounded.)

Interesting discussion no. 2

Ahmadi: (To a non-Ahmadi friend) Tell me Maulvi Sahib, is Jesusas still alive?

Non-Ahmadi: Yes Sahib, our Jesus, by the grace of God, is alive on the fourth heaven and will soon come down.

Ahmadi: Why did you let Jesusas alone ascend to heaven?

Non-Ahmadi: So tell me, who else was needed along with him?

Ahmadi: It is written in the Holy Quran that Jesusas promised God Almighty that as long as he lived, he would continue to pay Zakat, pray and serve his mother. So you should have also taken his mother to heaven or at least kept her alive on earth, so that he could have come down and served her. Now tell me, how and which artificial mother is he serving in the heavens. It is better that you ascend his mother to the heavens now so that the foundation of your philosophy does not collapse.

Non-Ahmadi: (Shocked, amazed, speechless.)

Muhammad Allah Ditta Umar, Middle School, Kahnuwan

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