100 Years Ago… – The struggle to spread Islam in America and great news from Africa: Mufti Sahib and Nayyar Sahib’s reports


Al Fazl, 16 and 20 June 1921

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahibra (1872-1957)

Acceptance of Islam

After the previous report, a gentleman and six ladies converted to Islam. Below are their names:

1. Mrs Virginia Olivas: She is an elderly woman who is famous in her city for her good deeds and active participation in charity work. She converted to Islam after studying literature on Islam and exchanging letters [with me]. She was given the Muslim name Halima.

2. Mr J Levine: He was engaged in the research of oriental studies for a long time and ultimately converted to Islam with the help of Allah the Almighty. He was given the Islamic name Omar.

3. Miss Keller Nia Bush: This lady is very fond of studying religious books. She was given the Muslim name Hameedah.

4. Mrs Mike Abraham: She lives in the state of Indiana. She was given the Islamic name Hajirah.

5. Miss Lucille Frazer: This lady lives in this city [i.e. Michigan]. She participated in my lectures and has now converted to Islam with full sincerity of heart. She was given the Muslim name Fatima. She is learning Salat with Arabic wording.

6-7. Mrs Ludisia Joseph and Miss Francis converted to Islam in the city of […] when I went there on a tabligh tour in March. They were given the Islamic names Zarifah and Ferozah, respectively. All praise belongs to Allah.


In the last three months, I have delivered 20 lectures in different cities and carried out tabligh to 15 honourable priests by visiting their houses. Tabligh tours have taken place in the states of Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and South Dakota and 18 articles have been published in various newspapers in support of Islam. A booklet on Turkish peace [treaty] and books in support of Islam have been printed and distributed free of charge. In the last three months, around 900 letters were sent in mail and tabligh literature was sent to Canada by post.

Below is a brief report of the tabligh efforts:

Major challenges

I have learned from a year of experience that there are two great obstacles in the way of Islam’s tabligh in this country. The first and the biggest difficulty is the political motivation. There are seven official and established associations over here that are funded from the states of Balkans, Greece, Armenia, etc. which [spread rumours] particularly against Turks and Muslims in general to create [false] opinions within the country. The men of such associations patrol all over the country and give lectures and spread literature against Islam. Their real motives are political but hidden under the guise of religion. 

Secondly, priests consider it their duty to create doubts against Islam in order to raise funds for their missionaries. These two factors are continuously engaged in making hidden and apparent efforts against me. On some occasions, even my life is put on the line. 

In order to compete with them, there is an urgent need to distribute literature across the country, carry out lecture tours and publish our own magazine. This requires a lot of money. 

I read in [the Jamaat’s] newspapers that many friends have liked my suggestion of the magazine and promised monetary assistance. In fact, some people have even sent some money to Nazir Sahib. I am grateful to all of them. However, I cannot publish the magazine by giving pages of Hindi newspapers to the press in-charge and the trader of paper. I cannot do anything unless the donations of the magazine reach me. A lot of money is needed to carry out tabligh here. For those whom God grants the strength, there is a great opportunity to earn reward.

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North Wabash Ave from Adams Street, Chicago. A few miles south of this road is where Hazrat Mufti Sahibra built one of America’s first mosque | Wiki Commons

New converts

In addition to the above report, 10 Muslims joined the rightful Ahmadiyya Jamaat.

1. Mr SMHG Akbar

This gentleman is actually a resident of Bengal, but does trade in Central America nowadays. He got the information about the Jamaat through an exchange of letters and ultimately accepted Ahmadiyyat. May Allah the Almighty grant him perseverance. Amin.

2. Mr Rashid Suwaidan

3. Sheikh Ahmad Al-Haj

4. Ali Muhammad

5. Mr Ahmed Al-Safa

6. Mr Zaidana Hussain

7. Qasim Mahmood

8. Mr Hussain Hassan

9. Mr Hussain Al-Haj

The above eight individuals were born in Syria but have been living in this country for the past 20 years. They have taken up residence over here and do trade or jobs.

10. Muniruddin Abdus Salam Sahib is a resident of Nigeria. He used to exchange letters with me. Now, he has accepted Ahmadiyyat and has been acquainted with Anjuman Ahmadiyya Africa for the future.

Members of the Jamaat should try to send money for the American English magazine as soon as possible. Moreover, friends should send as many copies of the Holy Quran as they can. These copies should be in good condition and written in clear and beautiful handwriting. There is a great need for them over here. Every friend should pay attention to this. These copies should be new, with or without translation and whether handwritten or in printed form. 

A respected, educated and newly converted Ahmadi Muslim lady of about 47 years of age wants to spend the rest of her life in India. If any wealthy English-speaking person, who can afford her travel expenses, is interested [to marry her], then please write to me.

Wassalam, Muhammad Sadiq. 4 May 1921

[Postal Address:] Dr MM Sadiq, 14 Victor Avenue, Highland, Mich, USA

Showers of God’s blessings and a great news – 10,000 new Ahmadis in Africa

On the 6th of this month [i.e. June], the following telegram of Maulvi Abdur Rahim Sahib Nayyar, the missionary of Ahmadiyya Jamaat [in Africa], has been received from Lagos, Africa, to be presented before Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II[ra]:

“Khalifatul Masih, Qadian, Batala. Recovered. Accept 10 thousand baiats. Pray. Nayyar.”

That is, “[To, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IIra]. My health has been restored. Please accept the bai‘at of 10 thousand people and pray for us.” (Alhamdulillah, thumma alhamdulillah)

Our [members of] the Jamaat should prostrate in gratitude for this special grace of God Almighty and also pray a lot that may God Almighty make these brothers of ours beneficial and blessed for the Jamaat. Moreover, we should especially remember Maulvi Abdur Rahim Sahib Nayyar in our prayers because his works and responsibilities are increasing day by day. [Editor, Al Fazl (1921)]

(Translated by Al Hakam from the original Urdu in the 16 and 20 June 1921 issues of Al Fazl)

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