100 Years Ago… – To the Nation’s youth


The Moslem Sunrise, July 1921

Urdu poem of his (Hazrat) MB Mahmud Ahmad[ra], the head of the Ahmadia Moslem Community, addressed to the young students at Qadian, India. 

Rendered into English verse by Dr MM Sadiq and Madam Rahatullah (Ella May Garber)

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O! ye tender plants of the Nation, 

To you I have something to say; 

Providing my Message 

May flash not away. 


Advice I would give 

To the Nation’s youth; 

That they may not say, 

I withheld the Truth. 


When we pass away, the burdens 

Of life, you will have to bear 

So be not seekers of idle rest 

But do and dare. 


Serve the Faith with the heart 

Filled with God’s sweet grace 

And let not a thought of compensation 

Cloud your face. 


Let your eyes fill with tears 

And your heart burn with love 

Let your spirit ascend beyond 

Islam’s more name, to the realms above—


No bragging in the head, 

No thunder of wrath in the eye, 

No desire for revenge, no curse on the lips 

Which would cause thy brother to sigh. 


The well-wishing of Brethren 

Always keep in sight 

Neither criticize, nor mischief-make 

But cling to the right. 


Be free from jealousy 

And contentment create, 

Make not gold your beloved, 

Nor silver your charmed mate. 


With full attention continue 

Offering prayers and keeping fast; 

Obeying God’s commandments 

Which were written in the past. 


If you have wealth be charitable 

In giving alms to those who need 

Fear not the days of trouble 

If the needy you would feed. 


You must learn and remember 

That a Muslim shines more bright 

If he makes a pilgrimage 

To the Holy Land of Light. 


Let Zikr be your habit 

Remembering God in prayer 

When the Beloved is kept in mind 

It is impossible His name not to declare. 


Let not reason be the ruler

O’er Faith which is salvation 

Blind is the reason if it be not 

Guided by the sun of Revelation. 


Cling fondly to all the Truth 

Whenever and wherever you find 

Follow not the imagination 

Calling it knowledge of the mind. 

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The believers who love Muhammad[sa] 

Be not an enemy to them 

But keep yourself aloof from those 

Who would the Prophet condemn. 


Live in peace, taking no part 

With those who trouble create; 

Cause no anxiety nor disturbance 

For the rulers of the State. 


Consider the age of youth 

As a favour great 

That in the days to come 

You may not say it is too late. 


Beauty is good in all cases 

But seek it with great care 

May be that you think 

To be a gain is a snare. 


Should you become a statesman, 

A general or a physician; 

If your heart in Islam is not steeped, 

You will not please us with your position. 


Keep self-respect for bad it is 

To lack dignity of mind; 

But also to others be respectful 

Sincere and kind.


Whether in prosperity or poverty 

In riches or need 

Never cease for a moment 

In spreading Islam’s seed. 


If you conquer the world 

You have gained nought 

If the wild and terrible self 

You have not subdued and taught. 


Do not spoil the good done 

By reminding of an obligation 

Lest the thread of communion be broken 

Letting you fall from near the roof to the foundation. 


Forget not that delicacy 

Is the women’s share 

He is no man whose body is as rose-leaf 

And cannot hardships bear. 


Drop not down at the sight 

Of wine like a fly 

Look carefully, for at the bottom 

Of the cup dregs may lie. 


You must know that the honours 

From the Blessed One’s school 

Are always accompanied 

With persecutions from the fool. 


Very hard is the task 

The goal is far away

O my faithful ones, be not 

Indolent; but work without delay. 


If step you will upon the path 

Of sincerity and loyalty 

There will be no difficulty which you cannot 

Surpass, even to the royalty. 


Let your actions put us not to shame 

On judgment day nor trouble for us make 

In the task of Faith let not 

Your lessons be half-done for your own sake. 

20210729 155514


We are continuing our work 

Somehow or other, 

Be careful, lest the Movement 

In your time may suffer. 


My prayer for your sake 

O dear ones is this 

May God keep you under His shade 

Bringing no failure, but bliss. 


May you be safe from the darkness 

Of grief, pain and sorrow —

And may the evening shade ne’er cast its shadow 

O’er your sunlight of the morrow. 


Listen O earth! And bear witness O Heaven! That I have received an inspiration from on High, and have found access to the Divine mysteries. (Ahmadas)

(Transcribed by Al Hakam from the original in The Moslem Sunrise, July 1921)

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