100 Years Ago… – Travelogue of Nayyar


Al Hakam, 14 August 1918


Hazrat Maulvi Abdur Rahim Nayyarra

My revered brother, Master Abdur Rahim Nayyar Sahib (who is carrying out the invaluable task of correspondence of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih – a very honourable cause) had travelled from Qadian to Bombay in order to perform his duty of Huzoor’s correspondence. Prior to his arrival in Bombay, Huzoor had departed from there. Thereafter, he had to stay behind in Bombay for preaching purposes. From there he arrived at Qadian via Sikandrabad and from Qadian, he reached Dalhousie. By the time this newspaper reaches the hands of readers, it is expected that he will have arrived in Qadian. He desired to write his travelogue for Al Hakam. Why? He himself has answered this, and this is given below. The details of the travelogue will come at a later stage, Insha-Allah. I am certain that the readers of Al Hakam will, God willing, derive benefit from it. (Editor [Hazrat Sheikh Yaqub Ali Irfanira])

What I shall write and why?

In the 28 July issue of Al Hakam, the article which was referred to and which I was unable to write due to travelling and an overwhelming workload relates to my travels to Bombay and Hyderabad. If God enables, Dalhousie will also be included alongside it. How will it fare; will it be interesting or otherwise? I cannot answer this. My written accounts of the journey in Urdu will speak for themselves. I will only say this much that, Insha-Allah, the traveller shall obtain information, the missionary shall find assistance and the reader of these articles shall find a source of pleasure from it. 

Why am I writing it for Al Hakam? The answer to this is simply for my own dignity and to take pride in it. This is because I know, and my ears have heard God’s Messiah (may millions of blessings be on him) say, “Al Hakam is an arm of ours”. In my opinion, to assist Al Hakam is to strengthen the Arm of God. For me, there is pride and honour in this. Readers will observe Nayyar shining in the columns of Al Hakam for a period of time. Insha-Allah. 

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billahil-‘Aliyil ‘Azim [I have no power but through Allah, the High, the Great].

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