100 Years Ago… – Two Christians turn to Ahmadiyyat in England


Al Fazl, 16 August 1920

Hazrat Maulvi Abdur Rahim Nayyarra

Dr Brandon’s letter

It is the grace of Allah the Almighty that He is bringing His noble souls into the servitude of God’s Messiah. Moreover, He is divinely guiding those people who sincerely long to meet the Promised Messiahas. As a result of God’s providence, our new brother, Dr Brandon converted to Islam by believing in the Promised Messiahas and became Abdullah from Brandon. All praise belongs to Allah who made it possible.

Dr Brandon writes:

“As an individual of the true Messiah and God Jehovah’s universe, I believe that there is only one God and He is free from the conditions and limitations of trinity set by the unorthodox Christianity for the Supreme Being of God.

“I sincerely believe that Muhammad[sa] is that promised Prophet of God Almighty regarding whom Prophet Jesusas had prophesied that he would come after him.

“Moreover, I believe that the Promised Messiah of God was sent in the person of Ahmadas of Qadian. In short, my belief is that there is none worthy of worship except Allah. Muhammad is the Prophet and Messenger of Allah and Ahmad is the Promised Messiah.

“I have come to this conclusion after careful consideration and deep study. Along the way, I had to fight a dangerous battle with predicaments and temptations and encounter a variety of contrivances.

“Finally, after blind nominal following of the principles of Christian religion, I have attained that eternal life and blessings which come through the guidance of the Holy Quran. At present, hundreds of other individuals like me are ready [to do the same].

“I believe that the Holy Quran is the word of God, which was revealed to the Holy Prophetsa for the betterment of God’s creation.

“I am a servant of humanity. This is certainly my mission. Now, if God chooses me to guide people towards the way of [eternal] life, I say, ‘O God, the Lord! I am present. I am Your humble servant. Take my services for Your glory in the kingdom of faith.’”

AG Brandon DSCDB, Former Preacher of EP Mission, Jerusalem, Palestine

James William Leader

The news of Brother James William Leader’s conversion to Islam has been mentioned in the last the letter. Friends will be happy to hear that Brother William Leader is showing perseverance in his faith. Below is the summary of the letter that he wrote to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih:

“After studying different religious sects and various faiths for three years, I find my satisfaction in the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. I have been offered the position of pastor by the Roman Catholic Church and by many other Christian churches. However, my conscience never acknowledged [the false doctrine of] the divinity of Jesus and the concept of resurrection of Christ. That is why I have always denied this position. Eventually, I found the final destination and had the honour of being the member of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. I am proud that I was named Mahmud after the holy leader of the Jamaat.”


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Map of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, 1879

Quarter weekly sermons are being delivered in Hyde Park on a regular basis. A very interesting series of questions and answers follows them for hours. Seekers of truth regularly come to the [mission] house for research.

In addition to these sermons, this week, a lecture by Maulvi Fateh Muhammad Sayal on the attributes of Islam was held at Theosophy Lodge, Croydon which was listened to attentively.

At the request of the organisers of the Lodge, Maulvi Sahib will deliver another lecture over there.

Ahmadiyyat and the British Press

Articles of Chaudhry Fateh Muhammad Sahib have been published in many magazines. Among them is the British Empire Union magazine, which has generously published an article carrying the teachings of the Promised Messiahas about Jihad, the bloody Mahdi, the pacifist friendly way of tabligh, etc. Its summary will be presented to the readers in another letter, insha-Allah.

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