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Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa addresses dignitaries and local residents at the inauguration reception of Masjid Mubarak

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29 June, Islamabad

An inaugural reception was held this afternoon in the multipurpose hall at the newly built Islamabad facilities.

Before the main event, Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa met some dignitaries and members of the local authorities from the Tilford and Waverley Borough Council. The attendees took this chance of asking Huzooraa various questions.

Dominic Grieves MP congratulated Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa on the new Markaz and the inauguration of the Mubarak Mosque. He extended his good wishes regarding Huzoor’saa move.

A senior official of the Surrey Police appreciated the fact that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has all along been a valuable asset to the local area. Huzooraa, in response, said that as Ahmadis, we are required to be law-abiding citizens wherever we live. 

Local councillors were keen to know how Huzooraa found it moving from a buzzing and thriving metropolis to a quiet countryside. Huzooraa expressed that it had been a pleasant experience as it is not as congested as the city of London. Huzooraa said that the infrastructure might improve in Islamabad too and that as Ahmadis, we want to be useful for the area as much as we possibly can.

Many of the attendees appreciated the beauty and marvel of the Mubarak Mosque.

A representative of the House of Lords took this opportunity to commend Huzoor’saa efforts towards global peace-building and his relentless endeavours in introducing the peaceable teachings of Islam.

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Huzooraa thanked the attendees of this meeting before proceeding to the main hall for the inaugural reception of Mubarak Mosque.

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After Hazrat Amirul Momineen’saa arrival in the hall of Mubarak Mosque, Islamabad, Tilford at around 18:37 local time, the inaugural reception of the Mubarak Mosque commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran and its translation.

Before the keynote address of Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa, Amir Jamaat UK Rafiq Hayat Sahib welcomed the audience and gave the background and introduction of the Mubarak Mosque. Thereafter, guest speakers shared their views.

The first speaker was Dominic Grieve MP, who expressed that it was a great pleasure for him to be the part of the occasion. He said that the Ahmadiyya community had found a home for themselves and it was an occasion of great happiness, one to be proud of. He further said that the work of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is much appreciated, and thanked the whole community for their part in the society.

The next speaker was Councillor Keith who stated that the sight of the mosque had been a pleasure for him. Moreover, he said that the message of “Love for all; hatred for none” is very strong and that he looks forward to working with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Then the rest of the guests were introduced, namely Major General Kask, Councillor David Harmar, Mr Phil Simpson, Councillor Stevan Ambretes, Councillor David Atfield and MP Semal Hotra, MP Sara Jones, Lord Sheikh, David Manrou and Muhammad Asghar, Deborah Lee, Rev Neil Feland and a local priest.

A message from the British Prime Minister, Theresa May was read out in which she congratulated the Ahmadiyya Community for the new mosque and its teaching of tolerance and peace.

Thereafter, Huzooraa took to the podium and addressed the gathering.

After reciting Tashahud and Ta‘awuz, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa thanked all the guests for accepting the invitation for the event.

Huzooraa said that the association of the Ahmadiyya Community with this locality began 35 years ago when this land was purchased and named Islamabad. The buildings remained unchanged. A local residential colony was built along with some offices.

Huzooraa said that for around 20 years the community’s annual convention was held here. In 2005 the convention was moved to another site as more room was required. Now we hold the annual convention in Alton.

Huzooraa thanked the local residents and council who permitted the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to hold the convention and allowed 30 families to live here. Moreover, Huzooraa appologised for any distress to the locals as it is the teaching of Islam not cause any harm to others. The locals have proved that they are openminded and thus, Huzooraa said, the mosque was built and the area was redeveloped to cater for the needs of the Jamaat.

Huzooraa said that though the annual convention would not be held here, but on Fridays, for prayer, there would be increased traffic, as would be the case when people would come to meet him. As the roads are very narrow, therefore he apologised in advance if the locals are affected by traffic related issues. Huzooraa advised the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to follow the rules as well and said that he could not assure that there would be no difficulties relating to traffic, but that we would try to make all efforts to cause no disturbances.

Huzooraa said that Islam repeatedly emphasises the rights of neighbours as it is stated in chapter 4, verse 37 of the Holy Quran and imposes a code of moral values; how to abide by the rules, to worship none other than Allah, to be kind to parents and to be sincere to relatives and friends. The verse further states that we should be ever ready to help neighbours in times of grief and distress. The definition of neighbourhood is far reaching. The Holy Prophetsa includes 40 nearby houses to be neighbours. The Holy Quran states that neighbours include work colleagues and travel companions. 

Huzooraa advised members of the Ahmadiyya Community who reside in Islamabad or those outside of it that they must abide by the rules and regulation of the country.

Huzooraa further said that it is great blessing that we can join together to worship God Almighty and serve humanity more than ever before. Huzooraa said that we can only fulfill the rights of this mosque if we fulfill the rights of mankind. Our faith demands of us to follow the best morals. Chapter 2, verse 84 of the Holy Quran says that one must open their hearts to others. If anyone falls short of this then he or she is not fulfilling the duties of faith. Allah the Almighty has commanded Muslims not only to worship but to strive to serve and help those who are in need. Allah the Almighty states that the prayers of those who fail to do their duties to mankind are worthless.

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Huzooraa said that it is our religious duty to join together and fulfil the rights of the local community and to serve God’s creation. We consider it a great blessing that we have been able to establish a wide range of humanitarian projects across the globe, particularly those which are in remote regions of the world. We seek to feed the hungry and free medical treatment for those who have no access to health care, i.e. in Africa and other disadvantaged parts of the world. We have established primary and secondary schools in the developing world for giving knowledge to those communities. Water pumps or wells are installed to provide clean drinking water.

Huzooraa stated that he has personally lived in Africa and witnessed intense levels of poverty first hand and that he has seen school aged children walking for miles on a daily basis with large vessels on their backs in search of water. Some are unable to go to school because of the grueling journeys outside of school hours. Huzooraa said that one cannot imagine the abject poverty and the delight for when they see water running through taps. 

Huzooraa clarified that the aim the Ahmadiyya community provides is irrespective of faiths; whether the needy are Hindus, Christians or Atheists etc. Our only aspiration and motivation is to eradicate the suffering of innocent and defenceless people and to enable them to live with dignity. It does not matter who is suffering; we consider it our duty to comfort all those who are in need.

Huzooraa stated that it is a command of Allah the Almighty, as He instructs all Muslims in chapter 90 of the Holy Quran to free all those who are shackled by the bonds of slavery and servitude. The Holy Quran states that those who fail to show sympathy or to aid those in need will plunge from the path of righteousness and descend on the dark path which would take them away from the refuge of God.

Huzooraa said that now that we have this new mosque and centre, we are determined to further elevate efforts to fulfil the needs of mankind. Our humanitarian efforts are not limited to the developing world. For instance, in the UK, we regularly hold charity events. If there are certain areas where we cannot reach independently, we assist by partnering with charities or relief organisations. Huzooraa clarified that we serve humanity, irrespective of class, colour and creed; this our mission; this is who we are and this is the true Islam.

At the end, Huzooraa stated that some of the audience members knew our beliefs but for those who did not, he wished to briefly mention that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was established 130 years ago in accordance with the prophecy of the founder of Islam, the Holy Prophetsa who foretold that after a period of around 1400 years, the Promised Messiahas, a guided one would be sent from among his followers to revive the true and peaceful teachings of Islam.

Huzooraa said that we Ahmadi Muslims believe that the founder of our community was sent by God Almighty in fulfilment of that prophecy and he founded the community in 1889 in a small and remote village of India. Now, with grace of God Almighty, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has spread to 212 nations across the world. No matter where the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community are based, they seek to serve mankind. Huzooraa went on to describe very briefly the humanitarian services of the Jamaat around the world. 

At the end, Huzooraa expressed his wish and desire that the new mosque and centre at Islamabad proves to be a beacon of light illuminating the skies above, with the spirit of love and mutual compassion. Huzooraa thanked the audience again for joining the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community on this blissful occasion. 

Thereafter, the event concluded when Huzooraa led the gathering in silent prayer.

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