The historic message of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V for Arabs on 15 years of successful broadcast of MTA3 Al-Arabiyya

Original Arabic letter of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa

(English translation)

Islamabad, UK


Dear Arab brothers and sisters,

May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

The management of our satellite channel MTA Al-Arabiyya has requested me to send a message on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of its foundation.

My message on this occasion is that today, by the grace of Allah the Almighty, 15 years have passed since the foundation of MTA Al-Arabiyya. Through this, we have witnessed that God Almighty’s promise to the Promised Messiahas, “I shall cause thy message to reach the corners of the earth” has been fulfilled among the Arab brothers as well. Its far-reaching and very encouraging results are clearly visible by the grace of Allah.

MTA was the fruit of the means through which Allah the Almighty decreed to spread Islam in an unparalleled manner in this age.

The Promised Messiahas gave us the glad tidings of these modern means for conveying the message of Islam, and informed us how they had been subjected to him to convey his message. He said:

“Just as God Almighty has – without the usual means of intervention – used the resources of the earth to create modern inventions and satisfied our physical needs by making trains that outrun horses, He will in the same way – unaided by human hands – use His angels to fulfil spiritual needs. Great heavenly signs will be seen, and numerous flashes of light will open many eyes. Ultimately, people will recognise that they erred gravely in elevating ordinary people and objects to divine status. Be patient and keep watching, for God guards His unity with more jealousy than you do. Keep praying lest you be counted among the disobedient. O ye who yearn and thirst for truth, listen! These are the days that have been promised since the beginning. God will not permit much delay in these affairs. Just as you can see that the lamp placed on top of a minaret spreads its light far and wide, and just as lightning in one part of the sky also illuminates all other parts, so too will it be in these days. God has Himself provided the means for fulfilling His prophecy that the message of the Messiah will spread in the world like lightning and will encompass all four corners of the earth like the light from a tower.” (The British Government and Jihad, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 17, pp. 15-16)

Moreover, the Promised Messiahas explained in his own words that include subtle and hidden revelation on the issue of the Promised Messiah descending from a white minaret east of Damascus:

“There is an indication in the word ‘minaret’ in reference to the time of the Promised Messiah that his light and voice would spread in the world quickly, and that these means were not available for any other prophet. It is mentioned in the Gospel that the coming of the Messiah will be like lightning, which flashes in one part of the sky and illuminates all other parts in the blink of an eye. This is also an indication of the same thing. Since the Messiah has come to enlighten the whole world, all the means have been prepared for him in advance. He did not come to shed blood, but rather he came with a message of peace for the whole world.” (Khutbatul-Ilhamiyya, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 16, pp. 17-18)

There is no doubt that MTA is a wonderful manifestation of the blessed words that were uttered by the Promised Messiahas. He was in eager anticipation of spreading his message among the Arabs and saw it as one of his most important goals, as he himself explained:

“At present, I have two important tasks at hand: firstly, that my message is propagated in Arabia; secondly, that the message is fully conveyed and clarified without a shadow of doubt to the people of Europe. The Arabs are significant because internally they possess the truth, and a large segment of them perhaps do not even know that God has established a Divine dispensation. It is my responsibility to convey this message to them, and if I do not, I shall be guilty of sin. Similarly, the people of Europe also deserve to know where they have erred – they have deified a man and thus, distanced themselves from the True God.’ (Malfuzat, Vol. 2, p. 253)

His Holiness thought well of the Arabs; and responded to those who thought that this message could not reach the Arabs and to those who had ill-thinking of them, saying:

“There are those who think that the people of the Arab world will not accept me and will not even listen: I have no response for their foolish thinking except to utter ‘La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah’, i.e. ‘There is no power and no strength save in Allah’ over their statements and recite ‘Inna lillahi wa-inna ilaihi raji‘un’, i.e. ‘Surely, to Allah we belong and to Him do we return’ over their thinking. Do they not know that the Arabs have been foremost in accepting the truth from time immemorial? Indeed, they are like the root [of a tree] in this and others are their branches. I say that this is Allah’s work as a mercy from Him, and that the Arabs have the greatest right to His mercy and are the closest and most deserving of it. I can sense the fragrance of Allah’s blessings, so speak not the words of despair nor be among the disheartened.” (Nur-ul-Haqq, p. 15)

He, peace be upon him, was not left disappointed by the Arabs, for they accepted this message, which is the true Islam and its second advent, which Allah willed to be established at the hands of the faithful servant of the Holy Prophetsa, the Imam Mahdi and the Promised Messiahas. By this, the Divine Promise to the Promised Messiahas in the two following revelations has been fulfilled and continues to be fulfilled:

“The sulaha [righteous ones] of Arabia and the abdal [devotees] of Syria call down blessings on you’ and ‘The abdal [devotees] of Syria and the servants of Allah from among the Arabs are supplicating on your behalf.”

Allah be praised for all this!

Finally, I would like to address the Arabs using some words of the Promised Messiahas and say:

“O ye who are the pious and the chosen ones among the pure-hearted Arabs. O people of the land of Prophethood, adjacent to the magnificent House of Allah. O Arabs of noble descent! O, ye, inhabitants of the land on which the Chosen One placed his blessed footsteps. Take advantage of this spiritual table, which is set 24 hours a day. Quench your thirst with this spiritual drink that the Promised Messiahas, the faithful servant of the Holy Prophetsa has brought.”

I pray that, may Allah help the Arab world benefit the most from this TV channel, and may He enable its workers to convey the message of Ahmadiyya, that is, true Islam, to the Arab world as it is its due right. I also pray that, may Allah bless our Arab channel with success upon success, Amin.


Yours sincerely,


The Fifth Caliph of the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdias

(Translated into English from the original Arabic by Ibrahim Ikhlaf, Headof the English and Arabic Translation and Research Desk)

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