25th Jalsa Salana Brazil


AMJ Brazil

Jamaat Ahmadiyya Brazil held its 25th Jalsa Salana on 5 and 6 May 2018. The first Jalsa Salana Brazil was held in 1994.  Since then the annual convention has been held every year. This year the theme of the Jalsa Salana was “Gratitude to God and Service to Humanity”. The key point of the Jalsa was the special message that Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa sent to the event expressing his happiness, congratulating the Jamaat and emphasising that the real aim of the Jalsa is to create a link with Allah the Almighty. He called the attention of the members of Jamaat towards worship, remembrance of God, attachment and connection with Khilafat, conveying the message of Islam to the people of Brazil and South America and towards watching MTA.

The preparations of Jalsa were carried out with Waqar-e-Amal [voluntary work] and the surroundings were decorated with colorful buntings and beautiful banners. Two local newspapers published reports before and after the Jalsa. Apart from members of the Jamaat, about 100 local citizens also participated in the event. An exhibition of the Holy Quran and other Islamic literature was displayed during the occasion.


AMJ Brazil

The first day of the Jalsa started off with the flag hoisting ceremony. The inaugural session of the Jalsa was chaired by Nadeem Ahmad Tahir Sahib, Vice-President of Jamaat Brazil. Lajna had their own session that was chaired by Anila Zafar Sahiba, President of Lajna Imaillah Brazil. The concluding session was chaired by Wasim Ahmad Zafar Sahib. Five representatives of different religions and one city councilman spoke at the Jalsa by the special invitation of Jamaat. Gifts were given to the specially invited guests and a shield was awarded to Wasim Ahmad Zafar Sahib on behalf of Jamaat Brazil for the endeavor and dedication in organizing the 25 Jalsa Salanas in Brazil. In this historic event 30 needy families were provided with food hampers as an act of gratitude to God Almighty. 

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