28 December – 3 January


28 December 1897: The Promised Messiahas delivered his speech after the Zuhr prayer at the occasion of Jalsa Salana in Qadian.
28 December 1907: The Promised Messiahas delivered an address to listeners gathered in Qadian for Jalsa Salana. It was after Zuhr and Asr prayers in Masjid Aqsa. 
28 December 1907: With connection to Jalsa Salana, taking benefit from the presence of members of the Jamaat, Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya conducted its conference after Maghrib prayer in Qadian. 
28 December 1908: A massive earthquake occurred on this day, in Sicily and Calabria, southern Italy, with a moment magnitude of 7.1. The cities of Messina and Reggio Calabria were almost completely destroyed and between 75,000 to 200,000 lives were lost.
28 December 1939: Liwa-e-Ahamadiyat (the flag of Ahmadiyyat) was displayed and raised for the first time in Qadian. 



30 December 1897: The Promised Messiahas delivered his third address of Jalsa Salana 1897. He started it after the Zuhr prayer, it was stopped for Asr prayer and continued with his topic following the prayer. 
1 January 1877: Alexandrina Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, took the title “Empress of India” in 1876. The new title was proclaimed at the Delhi Durbar on this day. 
1 January 1896: On this day, the Promised Messiahas inaugurated a movement for the general introduction of a holiday for Friday prayer, which is one of the most useful institutions of Islam, and a symbol of its greatness. He made arrangements for a proposal to the government of India regarding the closing of government offices on Fridays.
1 January 1897: A well-known Pir of India, Miyan Ghulam Farid of Chachran Sharif (a town in Khanpur Tehsil of the Rahim Yar Khan district in the Punjab state of Pakistan), testified in favour of the Promised Messiahas. Upon receiving an open invitation of mubahila (prayer duel), he wrote to the Promised Messiahas on 1 January 1897 (27 Rajab 1314 AH), in which Pir Sahib wrote: “O my dearest friend, know that I have held cherished feelings of deep respect for you from the very beginning in order that I may have its reward. Never has any word of disrespect been uttered by me about you. Now I have to inform you that I acknowledge your goodness and there is no doubt about it. I am sure that you are a righteous servant of God.”
1 January 1899: The Promised Messiah’s Urdu book Ayyamus-Sulh (The Age of Peace) came from Zia-ulIslam Press Qadian on this day. 
3 January 1898: The Promised Messiahas had expressed multiple times his intention to open and establish a middle school in Qadian to meet the educational requirements of the growing community. On this day, this historic milestone was achieved and Talim-ul-Islam school was inaugurated in Qadian. 

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