A new dimension of the coronavirus: Latest advice from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V


In light of recent research and articles, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V, may Allah be his helper, towards the end of his Friday Sermon today presented the views of analysts and experts on what the coronavirus has brought to the surface, socially speaking. Huzooraa prayed for everyone who has contracted the virus and those who are ill in general as well. Further, Huzooraa disseminated precautionary advice in order to stay protected from the coronavirus.

The transcript of this part of Hazrat Amirul Momineen’saa sermon is being presented for the benefit of all:

“Now I will like to talk about the pandemic that has spread in these days and present the views and analysis of worldly people.

“Phillip Johnston writes in the Daily Telegraph on 18 March 2020 that ‘Netflix and other platforms report that one of the most popular movies currently being streamed is Contagion, a film from 2011… The plot concerns the spread of a virus, desperate attempts by medical researchers and public health officials to identify and contain the disease, the loss of social order, and finally the introduction of a vaccine to halt its spread.’ He writes, ‘I wonder whether our predilection for apocalyptic films is a response to a long period of stability and prosperity which, in the West at least, most of us complacently assumed would just carry on for ever. It is extraordinary to think that in the space of a fortnight our world has been turned completely upside down…’

Further, he says ‘all our plans put on hold, our hopes for the future now uncertain.’ He then writes that neither the threat of nuclear war (during a war) nor the multiple recent social crises have shown an affect like this pandemic has today. He further writes that ‘even during the last war people went out to the theatre and the cinema, to restaurants and cafes, to clubs and pubs. Indeed, that is one way they got through. Yet that is denied to us.’

[Phillip Johnston] then writes, ‘Most of us who have grown up since the Second World War have come to expect a steady state of prosperity, stability and contentedness that most previous generations never imagined possible – and nor would they have been complacent enough to believe it.’ He writes, ‘The hope is that science will come to the rescue with a vaccine or cure, and perhaps it will.’ He says that trials have began ‘in Seattle today on human volunteers’. But, he says, the bad news is that it will take months to know if this vaccine will be beneficial or not.

He further writes, ‘Throughout history people… people have reached for their faith to get them through events such as this’. Throughout history, if such dangerous events transpired, people took refuge in their faith through it and turned towards God, ‘to give meaning to what has happened to them and their loved ones.’ He further writes, ‘Atheists tend to take a secular, humanist view of man’s propensity always to better himself… This is essentially an Enlightenment concept… that natural processes can always be improved by human effort and not ascribed to fate or the wrath of God.’

He says, ‘How many times have we heard people say “Everything will be OK because scientists will work something out”, whether it be global warming or the pandemic? We are about to find out whether such optimism is justified. If it isn’t’, he says, ‘then I might be heading back to church.’ Right now, he is far from religion and God, and the circumstances are ascertaining this fact, and if what scientists are saying does not transpire, then [he says], we should think about going back to the Church and religion as well.

So, this virus has compelled the world to reflect about returning to God. However, the true God and the Living God is only the God of Islam – who has announced to show the path towards Himself for those who desire to. He has announced to come forward and hold the hands of those who take only a little step towards him. He has announced to take [them] in His protection.

Thus, in these circumstances, where we need to rectify ourselves, we also need to effectively carry out tabligh. We must, more than before, acquaint the world with Islam. Then, every Ahmadi should try and tell the world that if you desire salvation then you must recognise your God Who has created you. If you desire a noble end, then recognise your God Who has created you; because the best end is the hereafter. Do not hold associates with Him and fulfil the right of His creation. So, must always try and do this, may Allah enable everyone to do so.

Even people of the world are saying that these pandemics will continue to increase. For this reason, like I have said, for a noble end, it is essential that we also turn toward God Almighty and [then] tell the world that the best end is the hereafter, for which you must return to God.

Regarding this, a warning of an expert (that was published in The Times on 06 March) is that the dangerous virus’ genetic mutations becoming normal are very high and along with this, within a matter of years, a new coronavirus can potentially spread in the world. It is written that maybe every three years a new disease may surface.

Then Bloomberg [06 February 2020]  also wrote that ‘Scientists can conquer coronavirus, but humanity’s war against epidemics is endless…In the evolutionary arms race between humanity and the microbes, the bugs are making a comeback…since 1970, more than 1,500 new pathogens have been discovered, according to the World Health Organization, and epidemics in the 21st century are spreading faster and farther than ever.’ It then states that ‘outbreaks that were previously localized can now become global very rapidly.’

Anyhow, these details go much further and they cannot all be presented now. But, like I have said, for our noble end, we need to develop a connection with God Almighty, more than before.

I have previously already given guidelines about the Coronavirus pandemic and will give a reminder [now] because this is spreading across the world very quickly. The effect is greatly being felt here as well, and the government has been forced to take further steps and very strict measures.

When diseases and pandemics manifest, they can take everyone in their grasp. For this reason, everyone should take great caution. Act on the advice of the government. Those who are elderly, ill, or have such illnesses that reduce immunity, should take great caution. The elderly should rarely leave the house, and this is what the government has also announced, unless someone has very good health, generally they should remain at home.

Take precaution when attending mosques as well. Offer Jumuah prayers at your local mosque, by the looks of the attendance here today [at Mubarak mosque] it seems people are offering Jumuah prayers at their local mosques (unless the government says not to gather for Jumuah either).

Women should generally avoid coming to the mosque, they come with children, thus they should avoid it. Generally, doctors are advising to pay attention to rest in order to increase our immune system and therefore attention should be paid towards getting enough sleep. Make sure you have enough sleep, yourselves and your children. For an adult, 6-7 hours of sleep and for children 9-8 or 10 hours of sleep. Attention should be paid towards this. It should not be the case that one stays awake watching television up until midnight and then in the morning misses Fajr prayer and gets up in a rush for work that one has to get to in a few hours, and remains lethargic and lazy throughout the day, along with tiredness from work. This is how diseases and illnesses attack.

In the same manner, instil the habit of sleeping early and waking up early within children after 8-9 hours of sleep.

Also avoid eating [junk] food from shops, especially crisps that people give to children to eat. Or such things that have preservatives in them, these are harmful to health and should be avoided; such foods also slowly weaken the human body.

Doctors are advising to continuously drink water in these days. It is essential to drink some water every hour or half an hour or so, this is also a way to stay protected from illness.

Hands should be kept clean, even if sanitisers are not available, wash your hands frequently. And like I mentioned before, those who perform the ablution at least five times a day, are given a chance for good hygiene – pay attention towards this.

Regarding sneezing, as I have said before, cover the sneeze with a handkerchief when at the mosque, at home and in general. Or, as some doctors have advised, sneeze into your arm so the droplets do not spread.

In any case, hygiene is very important and great attention should be paid about this.

However the last weapon is prayer. And we should pray that Allah protects us all from this illness. We should also pray for all those Ahmadis who have contracted this illness for some reason or doctors expect them to have it. In fact, pray for all those who have any illness.

In the same manner, like I have said, the virus effects those with underlying health conditions, so pray for such people as well that Allah the Almighty keeps them protected.

In general, pray for everyone. May Allah keep the world protected from the ill effects of this pandemic. May he grant full health to everyone who is ill. And along with giving health to every Ahmadi, also give them the opportunity to increase their faith and belief.

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