A prayer for France in Mahdi Mosque


Mansoor Ahmed Mubashir, France Correspondent

Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Strasbourg, France organised a religious ceremony “Prayer for France” on 26 June 2020, at the newly built Mahdi Mosque.

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On this occasion a journalist from the biggest daily regional newspaper “DNA” was present to cover this event, which has a readership of more than 140,000 people.

The ceremony was in fact the local Friday sermon, after which there was a sitting with the journalist. The local Friday sermon was delivered by Missionary-in-Charge France, Naseer Ahmed Shahid Sahib. The sermon was about love for one’s country, how to integrate and help the country in which we live and how to obey all the rules and not rebel against it.

He also presented the teachings of Islam and the Holy Prophetsa with regard to the pandemic situation, how we can come out together from the situation caused by Covid-19 and the political arenas by giving Islamic solutions.

Towards the end of his sermon, he narrated some extracts from Hazrat Amirul Momineen’saa speeches about loyalty towards one’s country and how an Ahmadi Muslim should live in their country of residence.

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