Absolute certainty in a strange and uncertain time

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With many major events on the Ahmadiyya Jamaat’s calendar cancelled or postponed, the future remains uncertain. Covid-19 has created a strange aura, wherein governments are, at times, having to form laws and impose restrictions as and when trajectories on graphs dictate.

In the UK, while some shops have opened, the limits being enforced are not very encouraging to shoppers. One tends to shop only when a dire need arises. While workplaces that off er a safe environment have opened up, for many, the job situation is uncertain – the question remains when one will return to work or whether one will return at all.

Jalsa Salana UK – which serves as the central Jalsa Salana for the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community – has officially been cancelled this year. While this has brought a sense of sadness to many Ahmadis worldwide, it is a great chance to reflect on the lessons learnt during this magnificent event.

Over the course of the three-day event, Ahmadis have the chance to unite in one place and display their loyalty to God. Not only this, but also to better equip themselves with the purpose of the Holy Prophet’ssa mission and their responsibilities as followers of the Promised Messiahas.

Since the beginning of lockdown in many countries of the world, official departments of the global Ahmadiyya Jamaat have taken to social media to achieve this very purpose – to educate everyone about the mission of this divine Jamaat.

It has been a unique sight to see Ahmadis engage in online Quran classes, dars-ul-Quran, academic seminars for the youth and jalsas throughout the world. Al Hakam has had the good fortune of covering such events.

However, there have been many more events across the globe than have been given coverage.

Jalsa Salana UK is not happening this year, but many of us have been using the time in lockdown positively in developing a stronger bond with our Lord and gaining a better understanding of what we believe in, something that we can and should continue as life begins to take on a more familiar form.

Tuning in to MTA and reading the latest articles by official Jamaat departments is of course a positive thing, helping us all towards the right direction, but the practical application of what we learn through such platforms rests on our shoulders as individuals.

Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa has repeatedly said that we must listen to Jalsa speeches and enjoy the atmosphere of unity, however, while it is positive in the moment, it is not sufficient if we return to our homes having forgotten or disregarded everything we learnt.

Thus, Huzooraa always draws us towards the continuous practical implementation side of enjoying the Jalsa, which obviously has a lasting effect.

Therefore, Jalsa or no Jalsa, as Ahmadi Muslims, we have pledged to live a consistent life of loyalty to our faith, Khalifatul Masih and the founder of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas. This is a goal that we must aspire for.

Indeed, it saddens us that we will not be able to see our beloved Imamaa during the annual convention of the global Ahmadiyya family. Although through MTA, we are able to see our Imamaa on our screens every Friday, we relish the thought of offering prayers behind our Imamaa and once again sitting in his august company.

This is a time when not only do we pray for ourselves and the triumph of Islam Ahmadiyyat, but also for the prosperity and the long, healthy life of our beloved Imam. After all, there are very few leaders in the world who offer so much of their valuable time for their followers, collectively and individually.

This is a time when many of us are reminiscing those beautiful moments we spent in his midst, whether it was collectively with other Ahmadis or in a private audience. We recall those blissful occasions and pray that we may see them again.

Someone once said, “I used to think that the community members loved their leader, but now I have found that the Khalifa loves his followers even more.”

We recall those moments in Huzoor’saa blessed company and pray for them to quickly become a reality once again, but what can easily be forgotten is how much Huzooraa cherishes those moments when he meets his followers.

Of the many aspects that make this evident, the loving welcome Huzooraa gives us all as we enter his office is enough to prove this. So while this has been an uncertain and ambiguous time for us all, we can only imagine how it must be for Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa. Therefore, even more than before, we must continue to pray for the long and healthy life of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa and make a promise to ourselves to remain loyal to him more than ever before.

When life returns to normality, nay, from this moment on, let us reaffirm our oaths, that we will give precedence to our faith over all worldly objects and that we will be ready to sacrifice our life, wealth, time and honour for the sake of our faith, country and nation; we will remain loyal to the institution of Khilafat and obey Hazrat Khalifatul Masih in everything good he may require of us.

May Allah quickly bring this trying time to an end so that we – the servants of His Messiahas – may rise to the occasion and display utmost loyalty to our Imamaa in a time of total materialism and irreligiousness. May Allah safeguard our faith and enable us all to be a part of the revival of Islam. Amin

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