Ahmadi Women in Canada show public what’s in the Holy Quran during Bradford Public Library display


Riffat Jahan, Secretary Tabligh, Lajna Imaillah Hadeeqa-e-Ahmad, Canada

Sadaf Shah Sahiba, Assistant to the tabligh department reports that October was Islamic Heritage Month in Canada. So, Lajna Imaillah Hadeeqa-e-Ahmad, in collaboration with Bradford Jamaat, organised a Holy Quran exhibition at the Bradford Public Library on 29 October 2021, from 10:30 am to 6 pm. 

The purpose of the Holy Quran exhibition was to dispel myths and misconceptions about Islam and the Holy Quran, and to allow the public to literally “see” for themselves what was written in the Holy Quran.

We often hear about certain terrorist groups claiming to be “inspired” by the Holy Quran for their vicious acts. The local public was invited to explore and to pick up the Holy Quran to see what was written on its pages. 

In addition to the Holy Quran exhibition, banners showcasing Muslim laureates, scientists, scholars, mathematicians and philosophers were also spread across the hall. Nasirat had prepared bristle boards showcasing some of our Muslim intellectuals like Dr Abdus Salam Sahib.

Volunteers were available to guide the visitors around the exhibition, engaging with the visitors and answering questions. 

The mayor, along with his local councillors, the chief firefighter of the county, some police officers, the councillor of Innisfil and the honorable MP of Simcoe County, Mr Scott Davidson all attended the exhibition for a short while. 

All visitors were given a gift bag with a book of the Promised Messiahas and some pamphlets. 

A police officer requested a copy of the Holy Quran translated into the Gurmukhi language, which was provided as a gift. 

Lajna members volunteered in setting up the exhibition and managing it throughout the morning, while khuddam and ansar managed the exhibition after offering their Friday prayer. This way, all members had the opportunity to participate and become part of this event. 

Adherence to Covid-19 guidelines was strictly ensured. Care was taken not to allow more than 20 people in the hall at a time, and masks were always worn by everyone.

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