Ahmadiyya Medical Association Australia Eid gifts to Ahmadi refugees in Thailand


Dr Ata Rehman, President AMMA Australia 

Over the past few years in Pakistan, such a difficult situation has been systematically created against Ahmadis that a large number of Pakistani Ahmadis have been forced to leave Pakistan merely for the sake of religious freedom. Some of them took refuge in the Far East on religious grounds under the auspices of the UNHCR. These vulnerable families face many hardships of life especially unemployment and uncertainty about the future.

In accordance with Islamic teachings, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Medical Association Australia this year also arranged to distribute gifts to these helpless families to share the happiness of Eid. Sweets and other items were distributed among them on the occasion of Eid.

According to government guidelines in Thailand, due to the strict social restrictions due to the pandemic, any gathering even inside the home is strictly prohibited. Amir Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Thailand himself visited different Jamaats and distributed sweets and gifts to children from the 15,000 Australian Dollars donation from AMMA Australia.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Medical Association (AMMA) Australia paid an amount of 18,000 Australian Dollars three months prior to help our refuge brothers and sisters.

May Allah bless the Ahmadiyya Muslim Medical Association of Australia for its efforts. Amin

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