“Ahmadiyyat changed my life” – New converts attend mulaqat with Huzoor

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Photo courtesy of The Review of Religions

Karlsruhe, 7 July: After the concluding session of Jalsa Salana Germany and prior to his departure for Baitus-Subuh, Frankfurt, Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa granted an audience to some new converts.

Most of the new converts in attendance were those who had accepted Ahmadiyyat today during the Bai‘at in the Jalsa Gah at Karlsruhe.

The first part of this audience was dedicated to ladies who had just converted to Ahmadiyyat, while the latter was attended by men.

A Ghanaian gentleman caught Huzoor’saa attention, whom Huzooraa asked where in Ghana he was from, when he had come to Germany and whether he was settled or not.

Then a gentleman from Guinea Conakry introduced himself to Huzooraa and requested prayers.

As the microphone got passed on, a young boy’s turn came, whose passion, emotions and very visible love for Huzooraa gripped everyone. This Arab boy, a student of year 10, asked permission to relate his dream. After being given permission, he informed Huzooraa that he would often pray that Allah showed him the right path because his father and brother had accepted Ahmadiyyat but his mother had not. He had once attended Jalsa previously with his father, but felt no connection, so he continued to pray until he was shown in a dream that during a mulaqat between many Arabs and Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa, everyone was weeping, and the scene was such that it moved him.

After seeing this dream, he said that he was satisfied with regard to the truthfulness of this Jamaat and had thus accepted Ahmadiyyat in Islam. Huzooraa very lovingly listened to his account and prayed that Allah blessed him.

An Arab from Norway introduced himself and invited Huzooraa to visit his country of residence.

Another Arab, this time from Germany, was extremely happy to have seen Huzooraa for the first time. He related a dream that he had seen in which Huzooraa was holding a class with children and Huzooraa called him over and told him to sit by his side.

Upon hearing of this dream, Huzooraa said, “May Allah make this love long-lasting.”

This prompted another gentleman to relate his dream in which he had seen that Huzooraa called him close and showed great love and affection. The gentleman informed Huzooraa that having accepted Ahmadiyyat, all his troubles and worries had vanished. Huzooraa replied, “Alhamdolillah!”

A German new convert mentioned to Huzooraa that he was not brought up in a Muslim household, hence he had felt no inclination towards spirituality. He asked how he could progress further in spirituality. Huzooraa answered by saying that he should offer the five daily prayers regularly, memorise Surah al-Fatihah and ponder over its meaning.

An Estonian gentleman said to Huzooraa that his wife had accepted Ahmadiyyat four years earlier, whereas he was accepting Ahmadiyyat today. He expressed his thanks for the immense support that the Jamaat had extended to his wife after she had accepted Ahmadiyyat. It was after her conversion that they were blessed with their first child and he said that he was delighted with the fact that this day, he shared the same faith as his wife.

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Photo courtesy of AMJ Germany

A Syrian gentleman informed Huzooraa that having accepted the Jamaat of the Promised Messiahas, he had witnessed many blessings of Allah the Almighty and that his family had left Syria and reached Germany safely.

A gentleman of Turkish origin said that when he initially was inclined towards Ahmadiyyat, his parents opposed his trend a great deal. However, he told Huzooraa, he had now converted and pledged to live as an Ahmadi until his dying breath. Huzooraa enquired what it was that had convinced him, to which he responded by saying that his brothers had asked him to make a firm decision as to whether he wanted to continue his life as an Alawite or convert to Ahmadiyyat. He opted for the latter and declared to Huzooraa that he was satisfied with this decision. Huzooraa then asked whether he would endure any possible opposition in the future, to which he replied, “I will indeed. I should have accepted a long time ago.”

After this, the tenth-grade teenager expressed eagerness to talk to Huzooraa again. He requested Huzooraa to pray for all those who had done tabligh to him and made his decision to join his father in Ahmadiyyat easier.

Shortly after this, the mulaqat came to a close and everyone had the chance to have photographs taken with Huzooraa.

After the mulaqat, Huzooraa departed for Frankfurt, where he led the Maghrib and Isha prayers.

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