Aim to establish a majlis in every island of Indonesia: Indonesia Khuddam amila gets direction from Huzoor


On 18 April 2020, the national amila of Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Indonesia was blessed with a virtual meeting with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa

The meeting started with dua led by Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa

Huzooraa advised mohtamim muqami to hold regular meetings with all the Khuddam and Atfal at least once a month. Huzooraa said, “You should have regular contact and link with the Khuddam and Atfal”.

On Huzooraa asking, the national mo‘tamid reported to Huzooraa that there were 166 majalis in Indonesia, 148 of whom sent regular reports. Huzooraa said those who did not send reports should be given reminders to send them. Huzooraa also said to send letters of appreciation to those majalis who were doing good work. 

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Naib sadr tabligh was asked by Huzooraa what the tabligh target was for the year, to which naib sadr sahib said they aimed to bring 2,000 people to Islam Ahmadiyyat in the current Khuddam year. 

Advising additional mohtamim tarbiyat, who looks after matrimonial issues and who reported that some Lajna members did not understand why their husbands gave so much time to the Jamaat, Huzooraa said to take assistance from Lajna Imaillah Indonesia in order to do proper tarbiyat of Lajna members.

Huzooraa asked mohtamim san‘at-o-tijarat what his plans were for the department; the mohtamim reported that he gave digital marketing training to khuddam. 

Mohtamim tabligh was next to report. Huzooraa asked how many bai‘ats had taken place in the last five months, to which the mohtamim said 75 people converted in these months. Huzooraa asked for further details about the training of members who carry out tabligh and whether amila members had been given targets too. Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa noted that those who were told about Ahmadiyyat were mostly Muslim; Huzooraa asked whether the khuddam there faced opposition when preaching about Ahmadiyyat. Mohtamim tabligh said that in some areas, they did in fact face opposition. 

When mohtamim tarbiyat introduced himself, Huzooraaremarked, “Mohtamim tarbiyat is a very important post.” Huzooraa then asked various questions regarding the tarbiyat plans in place. 

Huzooraa asked what measures were taken to encourage those who did not offer Salat regularly. The mohtamim said they told Khuddam about the importance of Salat in meetings and had also increased the number of Salat centres for Khuddam. Upon observing that the number was not up to the mark, Huzooraa said to obtain a Salat report from all Khuddam. Huzooraa said, “[…] and also ask them to read the Holy Quran daily, especially in this month of Ramadan”.  

Speaking with mohtamim tajnid, Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa asked what the total number of khuddam was in the 166 majalis. Mohtamim tajnid reported the total was 10,127 Khuddam. Huzooraa asked whether tajnid information was received every year from the majalis about those youth who had joined Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya and those Khuddam who joined Ansarullah, or if they relied on standard reports from the centre. Mohtamim tajnid reported that they relied on the AIMS department. To this Huzooraa said:

“Do not only rely on AIMS; you should have your own information source. Your respective nazim tajnid should go door-to-door, to each and every house and get information from there, instead of relying on the AIMS’ data.” 

Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa noted that as there were fewer active Khuddam, they had a lot of work ahead of them. 

Muavin sadr Waqf-e-Nau reported there were 1,236 Waqf-e-Nau boys, out of whom 139 attended university and 444 attended secondary school. Huzooraa asked if those who had reached the age of 15 had reconfirmed their waqf. Muavin sadr said they did and thus far, 302 waqifeen had renewed their waqf

Chairman Majlis Ansar Sultan-ul-Qalam was next to report. Huzooraa asked how many members they had, to which he was told there were 18 writers. Huzooraa said articles about Islam or any topic should be published in secular independent newspapers and magazines too and not just in those within the Jamaat.

“Ask your members to write articles for other newspapers, other secular newspapers, independent newspapers and magazines – so in this way, you will get yourself introduced within the outside world, outside the Ahmadiyya community.” 

Muavin sadr jaidad (assets) reported. Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa asked if Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Indonesia had any property. Muavin sadr jaidad reported that they had a 300-metre-squared building in the markaz in Indonesia. 

Huzooraa then asked mohtamim khidmat-e-khalq the department’s plans. He reported that they distributed rice boxes every Friday to those in need and donated blood too. Huzooraa said more Khuddam should donate blood throughout Indonesia. Huzooraa said that by helping the poor, they could get themselves known too and increase tabligh contacts. 

With reference to relief and aid, Huzooraa advised:

“There are almost 10,000 Khuddam […] So, you should also try to collect some amount from them and help poor people in your country without any discrimination of religion or sect etc. or you can even extend your help outside of Indonesia to African countries as well.” 

Mohtamim Atfal reported next and on Huzoor’s asking, said there were more than 3,000 Atfal in 166 majalis. Huzooraa then spoke of the islands in Indonesia and said:

“You should try to establish a majlis in each and every island. Ask your tabligh department to do more tabligh and go to each and every island.”

Huzooraa began looking at and listing the provinces in Indonesia on his iPad and asked if there were majalis in all the provinces, which mohtamim Atfal confirmed. 

Mohtamim tarbiyat for new converts reported next. He reported there were 484 new converts. Huzooraa asked what training plan was in place for them. Mohtamim tarbiyat said they regularly visited new converts, held gatherings and conducted online tarbiyat sessions. Huzooraa said mohtamim tarbiyat should try to contact each and every new convert. 

Speaking about the importance of a Khuddam magazine, Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa said to mohtamim ishaat (publications):

“There should be a Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya magazine, either in print form or online. You should write articles, through Majlis Ansar Sultan-ul-Qalam and other writers, who should write articles for you. And if not a monthly magazine, then there should at least be a quarterly magazine – at least four issues a year should come out – either in print form or online. And it should reach each and every khadim so that they know what Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya is, what their responsibilities are, what their duties are, how to get them trained and how to increase their knowledge etc. 

“There are many things that can be included in the magazine. So try to start a magazine and name that magazine, Tariq.” 

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Mohtamim umur-e-tulaba was next to report. Huzooraa advised him to encourage more students to go into the medical field and said, “We need doctors”. 

Talking to mohtamim umumi, Huzooraa asked if all the mosques were covered with security duties. The mohtamim reported that they did so regularly, especially on Fridays. 

Huzooraa asked mohtamim sehat-e-jismani how many Khuddam participated regularly in sports. He reported that approximately 1,100 Khuddam were regular. Huzooraa advised him to ask the others to participate too. 

Towards the end of the meeting, Huzooraa addressed the sadr and said, “Whatever I have said is enough for you to digest and act on”, and then asked if he desired to say anything. The sadr requested prayers and that he hoped and prayed Huzooraa would visit Indonesia soon.

The translator of the meeting, Hafiz ur-Rahman Sahib, was asked by Huzooraa what he did as a profession. He informed Huzooraa that he was a murabbi and taught English in Jamia Ahmadiyya Indonesia. 

Huzooraa asked where he learnt English from, to which he replied that he attained a graduate degree in English literature after studying in Jamia and was now pursuing a post-graduate degree. 

To this, Huzooraa remarked, “Masha-Allah, this is why your English is good […] You should improve your Urdu too if you are a murabbi. Your Urdu should be at the same level as your English.” Hafiz ur-Rahman Sahib said that he would, insha-Allah, improve it. 

At this Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa conveyed his salaam and the meeting came to a close. 

(Report prepared by Al Hakam)

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