An Audience with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V a.a. – Uzbek and Lithuanian Guests


While Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa is gracing the Jalsa Salana of a country, delegations that travel from various parts of the world get the blessed opportunity to have audience with Huzooraa and to get to speak to him.

On the occasion of Jalsa Salana Germany 2018, a delegation from Uzbekistan and Lithuania got this blessed opportunity. They asked Huzooraa questions on a variety of issues. Some of these questions and the enlightening answers given by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa are given below.

A gentleman asked Huzoor that since it is becoming difficult to practice Islam in Russia and other countries under her influence, what are some measures that Muslims should take to continue practicing their faith. He also wanted to know if Huzoor thought that the situation could get any better, if new leaders came to power.

Huzoor replied: 

There is a very slim chance that replacing the current leaders can bring about much positive change. Who is it that would come to power? Politicians? But politicians that get elected and form a government are usually those that are backed by the same powers that are against Islam. When politicians come to power, they become cowardly and only want to save their positions. All this is part of the same scheme of the antichrist that is fully functional against Islam. Since Christianity – the religion of the West – got abrogated and no longer exists in its true form, they want the Quran, which is still intact, to disintegrate in form and meaning so that Islam too becomes impracticable. Asking women to remove their hijab is one of the initial steps that they are taking.

One other demand made by the Western powers is that the Quran should adapt to the modern world and not otherwise. When he speaks to the Western media, Huzoor said, he tells them that they want religion to follow modern man whereas religion is there for people to follow it and not vice versa. 

Huzoor said that Muslim countries should unite against this surge of Western schemes against Islam and defend their religion. It is the duty of anyone who claims to be a Muslim to defend their faith and uphold its teachings.

The gentleman asked that, if they are legally required to do so, should women remove hijabs.

Huzoor replied: 

This could be an immediate and temporary solution but Muslims should voice their concerns and remind the authorities that it is also a legal right of every citizen to practice their religion. When such sanctions are placed on our women in universities or workplaces in the West, they have spoken out and made their point of view known. Their pleas have been duly heard and, in many cases, the authorities have decided in their favour. 

Huzoor said to the gentleman that the ulema of his country should raise the issue with the authorities; or, Huzoor asked, are the ulema just there to receive salaries?

The gentleman replied that one of the Muslim ulema in their country had recently helped restore a statue of Lenin. 

Huzoor said, “They are ready to restore Lenin’s statue, but not their faith!”

Another gentleman in the audience asked Huzoor how he had become what he is.

Huzoor smiled and replied, “What am I? I am only a human being. I am only a humble servant of Allah.”

The gentleman repeated his question by adding that how Huzoor had got to the position of Khalifa.

To this, Huzoor replied that this was a question that he had no answer to. Huzoor said that he had thought about it but had not got an answer to what it was that brought him to this position.




A lady took the microphone and told Huzoor that she had had the honour to translate many speeches and addresses of Huzoor into the Lithuanian language. She said that Huzoor’s message is always so strong that she feels she is able to translate the message but not the power behind the message. “What do you suggest I should do?” was her question.

Huzoor replied that if she had been translating addresses that were delivered in Urdu, and then translated into English before she could translate them into Lithuanian, then she was of course not translating from the direct source. “In this case,” Huzoor said, “I suggest that you learn Urdu. That is all I can suggest”. This was thoroughly enjoyed by the lady who had asked, as well as by other members of the audience.

Huzoor further explained that if she was translating addresses originally delivered in English, then she could get closer to the meaning. 

The lady’s passion became even more evident when she asked again, “Some sentences are so energetic that I feel that I am unable to convey the energy behind the words.”

Huzoor said that this is how translations work and that she should continue to do whatever she had been doing because there is only so much that can be done about it.

A gentleman in the audience asked that he felt that his faith was not firm enough. “What should I do?”

Huzoor asked him, “Do you believe in God?”

He replied, “I do. I believe in Jesus Christ.”

Huzoor replied that then he should pray to God – the Almighty and the Omnipotent God – and fervently ask for His help. Huzoor said that he was quite sure that if he prayed to God with zeal and passion in relation to this matter for a number of days, his faith would become stronger and firm.

A lady in the audience wanted to know why men are not allowed physical contact with women in Islam.

Huzoor stated: 

Islam teaches to abstain from anything that has even the slightest chance of taking one astray and deviate them from the right path. Islam understands that men easily fall to temptation, so this prohibition of physical contact is due to the psyche and mentality of men. So this is not something against women, rather it should be men, if at all, objecting to this and not women. 

Huzoor said that the world is now beginning to realise the importance of avoiding physical contact between opposite sexes, except in lawful relations. The recent series of accusations raised by women in Hollywood is an example of where this physical contact can lead to. There has been a lot of hue and cry about this matter in the media. The West is also becoming more cautious in this matter by organising segregated concerts for men and women like a recent one in Berlin. Employers have considered segregated work places for women.

Huzoor further clarified the matter by explaining to the lady, “If you are in difficulty and need help, you will see me or any true Muslim to be at the forefront to help you. If you are lying on the ground for being ill or are unconscious, then I can raise you up and touch your body with my hands. So, where there is a need, we do it; but without need, there is no need.” 

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