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There is no doubt that the Jalsa Salana period brings an increase in engagements for the Jamaat which does not end merely with the conclusion of Jalsa. The post-Jalsa period is marked by the mulaqats of various delegations with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa. 

This year, such mulaqats began at Hadiqatul Mahdi at the close of the second day of Jalsa and continued into the week at Fazl Mosque. The delegations not only consisted of members of the Ahmadiyya Community but the external guests too who had the opportunity to attend the Jalsa.

On Saturday 4 August 2018 (second day of Jalsa), at the close of the day’s proceedings, delegations from the following countries had audience with Huzooraa at Hadiqatul Mahdi: Sweden, Greece, Sierra Leone, Benin, The Gambia and Georgia. 

On Monday 6 August, mulaqats began at 10am and ran until Zuhr and Asr prayers. The delegations included Cameroon, Spain, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Kababir, Algeria, Nepal, Singapore, Iceland, Estonia, Macedonia, Croatia, Tunisia and Trinidad and Tobago. 

On Tuesday 7 August, the following delegations had mulaqat: America, Liberia, Indonesia, Australia, Morocco, Japan, Brazil, Honduras, Bolivia, Belize and Uganda. 

Wednesday 8 August saw delegations from the following countries have audience with Huzooraa: Philippines, Mexico, Tanzania, Gambia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Guinea, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Guatemala, Cuba, Argentina, Marshall Islands and Bangladesh.

The Gambian minister for Information and Communication, Ebrima Sillah, after meeting Huzooraa stated: “The meeting with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih was an inspirational moment which left a deep impact on me. His humility and devoutness towards his waqf alleviated my doubts and granted me certainty of his piety.” 

Similarly, Mr Omar Jallow, the former Gambian Minister of Agriculture remarked: “If the sermons the Khalifatul Masih are translated into all languages and aired all over the world, then we can harbour a global atmosphere of peace.”

A Christian Paramount Chief from Sierra Leone, Alimamy Bockarie Y Koroam stated: “I have now reached the certainty that it is Ahmadis who are truly acting upon the injunctions of Allah the Exalted and on the day of judgement it will be Ahmadis that shall be entered into paradise by God Almighty.”

Most Revered Prof Dr Malkhaz Songulashvill, Evangelical Baptist Church of Gerogia observed: “Usually gatherings organised by Muslims are attended by people between the ages of 40-60. But here [at this Jalsa] I have been greatly moved by the participation of the youth.”  

The Bishop heard all the speeches from beginning to end, and not only offered Namaz in congregation but also partook in the Bai‘at. Prior to his mulaqat with Huzooraa, he was informed that seeing the Khalifa from a distance and having a private audience with him were two distinct experiences. After meeting with His Holiness, he stated: “You were absolutely right, a special relationship has now developed between myself and your Khalifah. I shall now remain in correspondence with Huzoor through letters.”

Ms Mari Aguilar who was part of the Spanish delegation remarked, “The words of the Khalifa moved my soul and granted me spiritual comfort. I believe that the world needs the Ahmadiyya Community.”

Natalia Roger who was representing the Argentinian Foreign Minister stated: “When we study Islamic teachings from non-Ahmadi and orientalist literature, we sometimes face difficulty in understanding as some subjects are complicated. However, your Khalifa presents Islamic teachings in such a beautiful and simple manner that Islam seems to be a very practical and simple faith.”

A journalist from Brazil, Roberto Marcio, after meeting Huzooraa stated: “Today meeting Khalifatul Masih has changed my life and has granted me a new direction. I do not understand how, after witnessing his awe-inspiring spiritual countenance, one can say he is wrong. I am joyful and emotional due to which I am unable to say anything.”

The representative of the Haitian President, Joseph Pierre Richard Duplan, after observing that the Jalsa had changed his views on Islam, stated: “The meeting with Huzooraa was most interesting. I have never seen anyone in my life who has such a responsibility upon him yet is so humble in nature and modest. This is proof that he is a pious, godly and spiritual person.”

A Buddhist chief priest from Japan after meeting Huzooraa stated: “When I embraced Huzooraa upon meeting him, I recalled a dream from six months ago. I saw that I embraced an individual after which I felt the spiritual effects of his being. When I met Huzooraa, I remembered that dream [and knew] that he was that same individual whom I had met in a dream six months ago.” 

There is no doubt that each individual who has the opportunity to meet with Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa observes that it was a deeply spiritual experience and leaves with such an impression of Islam that can only be produced in the company of an individual that is guided by God. 

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