Arab Ahmadis blessed with meeting Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V at Jalsa Salana Germany


Messe Stuttgart, 2 September 2023: During the Jalsa Salana Germany 2023, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa met with various international groups of Ahmadis. Among those who had the privilege were also Ahmadis from Russian-speaking countries and Arab Ahmadis, both of whom Huzooraa met on the evening of 2 September. We were able to attend the evening mulaqat held with Arab attendees, which included both Arab Ahmadis and non-Ahmadis.

At approximately 8:30 pm local time, Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa arrived for the meeting. 

Huzooraa asked how everyone was, who was attending for the first time, and who had accepted Ahmadiyyat recently. He also asked whether those who had joined Ahmadiyyat had seen anything unIslamic in the Jamaat, to which everyone was silent. Huzooraa smiled and said the silence affirmed that nobody had seen such.

Huzooraa said the purpose of the advent of the Promised Messiahas was to call people to the fulfilment of the rights of Allah and His creation. May Allah enable us to do so.

Huzooraa said that due to his previous engagement, the time for the meeting with Arabs had to be reduced, but nevertheless, he would spend time with them. Upon this, Huzooraa opened the floor for any questions or comments. 

An Arab lady requested prayers for the wedding of her daughter and asked if Huzooraa could bless some rings she had brought with her. Huzooraa graciously accepted the request and blessed the rings.

One person asked what Huzooraa prays for during silent prayers (du‘a). To this, Huzooraa said he recited Surah al-Fatiha, sends salutations upon the Holy Prophetsa, and then prays according to the situation.

A Syrian Ahmadi asked for prayers and informed Huzooraa that he is a new Ahmadi. Huzooraa told him to endeavour to increase his connection with Allah the Exalted. 

A lady from Palestine thanked Huzooraa and the German Jamaat for her being able to attend the Jalsa and also requested prayers for her mother, who is the Sadr of the Lajna of Palestine. She also said she had brought a gift from sisters in Palestine.

An Arab lady asked Huzooraa if she could recite some couplets before Huzooraa from an Arabic qaseedah of the Promised Messiahas. Lovingly, Huzooraa accepted and listened to two couplets. The lady recited the couplets with great affection. 

A brief discussion was also held on the persecution of Ahmadis in Algeria. Huzooraa prayed for all the Ahmadi Algerians who were suffering due to their faith in the Promised Messiahas

Another Arab Ahmadi from Canada informed Huzooraa that he had come here to be blessed with a mulaqat with Huzooraa and to see him. He also requested prayers for his family members. 

Huzooraa then spoke to a new Ahmadi. He said he is from Syria and accepted Ahmadiyyat two years ago. He requested Huzooraa to pray that Allah may enable him to also perform bai‘at by putting his hand on Huzoor’saa blessed hand.

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