Are boys allowed to wear bracelets and bangles etc.?


Huzooraa was presented some ahadith that mention the wearing of iron rings by men as being impermissible and requested for guidance on this issue.

In this regard, he was informed about young boys wearing bracelets or bangles etc. as a fashion statement. Huzooraa, in a letter dated 14 December 2016, said:

“I have had research conducted on this issue. The ahadith that you sent are from Sunan Abi Daud. On the other hand, we find some ahadith in Sahih Bukhari which mention the Holy Prophetsa telling a companion to give an iron ring as haq mahr [dowry] in order to marry a woman. Likewise, there are also some ahadith in Sunan Abi Daud which mention that the ring of the Holy Prophetsa itself was made of iron and then coated with silver.

“While interpreting the abovementioned narrations, the scholars of hadith have also written that the saying which mentions a dislike for iron rings is weak [za‘eef] and that if wearing iron rings had been forbidden [haram] for men, then the Holy Prophetsa would have clearly forbidden it as he did in the case of gold.

“Anyway, the wearing of bracelets and bangles by young boys is an undesirable action. Hence, your advising the boys in this regard is very commendable.”

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