At what age should one start wearing a scarf?


During Gulshan-e-Waqf-e-Nau, which was recorded on 12 October 2013 in Australia, a girl asked Huzooraa regarding the age at which girls should start wearing a scarf. In reply to this question, Huzooraa said:

“When you reach the age of five, you should not go out without wearing leggings under your frock. Your legs should be covered so that you develop the feeling that gradually your dress must become modest. You should not wear a sleeveless frock.

“Then, when you turn six or seven, you should become even more careful with regard to your leggings. And when you turn 10, you should try to develop the habit of wearing some sort of scarf.

“When you turn 11, you should wear your scarf properly. There should be no issue with wearing a scarf. Even the indigenous people here wear scarves during the winter. Don’t they cover their ears due to the cold? That is just a scarf. Wear scarves like that.

“Some girls appear really young even when they have reached the age of 10. Others look like they are 12-year-old girls, although they may still be 10. They may appear older due to their height. So, every girl should see that if she looks older, then she should wear a scarf.

“If you develop the habit of wearing a scarf at a young age, then you will not be ashamed of it. Otherwise, you will continue being ashamed all your life. If you say that you will wear a scarf when you turn 12, 13 or 14, then this mindset will stay and will be completely held off due to being embarrassed. You will say, ‘Oh no, the other girls are going to mock me. If I wear the scarf, they are going to laugh at me.’

“Hence, try to develop the habit of wearing the scarf sometimes. Start wearing the scarf when you are seven, eight or nine and also wear it in front of other girls so that you do not feel embarrassed anymore. And when you start to appear older, then wear the full scarf properly. Alright? Have you understood?

“This much is enough for you. As for the older girls, it is necessary for them that they also understand that the essence and the main purpose of [purdah] is modesty. And those who come under Western or European influence [should know that] in the olden days, even these people wore dresses that were this long. [Here, Huzooraa indicated the length of the dresses with his hands.] They used to wear long maxi frocks. Now, they walk around uncovered, right?

“The issue is that men are deemed decent and well-dressed when they are clothed in trousers and when they are wearing a coat and a tie. As for women, they are told that they look well-dressed if they wear miniskirts. I do not understand this philosophy.

“So, do not pay attention to men. And [remember] those women who bare themselves, in fact disgrace themselves. Hence, the dignity of an Ahmadi girl and an Ahmadi lady lies in upholding her modesty, for the essence is modesty. It is this modesty which stops others from looking at you with evil intentions.”

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