Blessed is the one who adheres to righteousness at times of prosperity and joy

Promised Messiah

There are books which contain accounts of numerous people describing how they were initially entangled in worldly matters; rather, they were immensely engrossed in materialism. However, it so happened that they prayed for something and their supplication was heard. After that, their state was transformed completely. Therefore, do not pride yourself over the acceptance of your prayers or on account of your achievements, but rather, value the grace and favour of God. It is a known fact that success breathes a new life into a person’s resolve and determination. One should derive benefit from this life and through it, increase in their understanding of Allah Almighty.

For the greatest of all things, which becomes a source of benefit, is this very cognisance of the Divine; and this develops when an individual reflects over the grace and mercy of God Almighty. No one can thwart the grace of Allah the Almighty. Extreme poverty too can plunge a person into misfortune. This is why it is related in a hadith: اَلْفَقرُ سَوَاد الوَجہ (Poverty glooms the face). I have seen poverty drag many people to atheism.

A believer, however, does not think ill of God no matter how stringent their circumstances, and deeming it to be the result of their own faults, they beseech God for His mercy and grace. Eventually, when this era passes, and the prayers of a believer come to fruition, they do not forget their time of weakness, but rather, remember it always.

Therefore, if you believe in the fact that one is always in need of God, then adopt the way of righteousness. Blessed is the one who adopts righteousness in times of prosperity and joy; and unfortunate is the one who stumbles, yet does not turn to God.

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Vol. 1, p. 154)

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