Blessing of Truthfulness


“I remember once I sent an article to Amritsar. There was also a letter enclosed with it. It was about Rallia Ram’s Vakil-e-Hind newspaper. A case was filed against me stating that enclosing a letter thus was against the post office laws. The lawyers said that there was no way of escape except by denying this letter – as if there is no salvation except through lies – but I did not like this at all. On the contrary, I said that if telling the truth leads to punishment, so be it; I will not tell a lie. Finally, that case was presented in court.

“The officer of the post offices appeared as the plaintiff. When I was asked about the matter, I said plainly that it was my letter, but I had placed it with the article considering it to be a part of the article. The magistrate understood this, and Allah the Exalted gave him insight. The officer of the post offices insisted a lot, but he did not accept a single point and let me go. 

“How can I say that one cannot live without lying? Such things are pure nonsense. The truth is that one cannot live without the truth. Even now, when I remember this incident of mine, I derive such pleasure that I took the side of God, and He showed such regard for me that it became a Sign.

وَمَنۡ یَّتَوَکَّلۡ عَلَی اللّٰہِ فَہُوَ حَسۡبُہٗ 

“[‘And he who puts his trust in Allah — He is sufficient for him.’ (Surah at-Talaq, Ch. 65: V. 4)].”

(Badr, 2 February 1906; Malfuzat [1984], Vol. 8, pp. 350-351)

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