Blessings of durood


Hazrat Maulana Abdul Karimra Sialkoti writes:

“On one occasion, I personally heard from the Promised Messiahas as he said, ‘It is by virtue of the Durood Sharif and its frequent recitation that Allah has bestowed upon me these ranks.’ He further explained, ‘I perceive that the divine blessings from Allah Almighty move towards the Holy Prophetsa in a peculiar luminescent form. Upon reaching him, they are absorbed into his being, and from there, they exude into countless streams, reaching each recipient in proportion to their due.’

“He elucidated, ‘What is the essence of Durood Sharif? It serves to energise that very throne of the Holy Prophetsa from whence these radiant streams emanate. Anyone who aspires to partake of the grace and favour of Allah the Almighty must ardently recite the Durood Sharif, drawing this flow of blessings.’” (Al Hakam, Vol. 7, No. 8, 28 February 1903, p. 7)

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