Can Muslim women donate their hair to non-Muslim cancer patients?


Huzooraa was asked if ladies could have their hair cut to donate them to non-Muslim cancer patients? 

In a letter dated 25 December 2019, Huzooraa gave the following reply: 

“There is nothing wrong with ladies having their hair cut if there is a need to do so. Hence, upon completing Hajj and Umrah, women open their ihram only after having their hair cut. 

“It is narrated in ahadith that the female Companionsra used to have their hair cut whenever the need arose to do so. However, women are not allowed to shave their heads. Similarly, the Holy Prophetsa forbade men from imitating women and women from imitating men. Thus, women should not have male hairstyles. However, there is no harm in having one’s hair cut to a reasonable extent for the sake of adornment in a way that does not resemble men. 

“Donating one’s hair to a patient is a virtuous act. There is nothing wrong with that. If one can donate their blood and other organs to another person for treatment purposes, why could they not donate hair?” 

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