Can one offer nawafil before Eid?


A missionary wrote to Huzooraa that at both Eids, some people came to the mosque and offered nawafil [voluntary prayers] either before the congregational Eid prayer or after it and requested for guidance on this issue. The reply that Huzooraa gave to the missionary and the guidance he issued to the administration in his letter dated 14 October 2017 is as follows:

“The offering of nawafil before the Eid prayer is forbidden as it is proven by ahadith. However, there is no harm in offering nawafil afterwards at home, so long as the time wherein Salat is forbidden has not started.

“I have also instructed the general secretary that he should arrange for announcements to be made at mosques before Eid prayers in order to make those people who come to the mosque before Eid prayer and start offering nawafil aware that it is forbidden.”

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