Can one officiate one’s own nikah?


Secretary Umur-e-Ammah Germany wrote to the Mufti-e-Silsilah regarding an Ahmadi officiating his own nikah with a non-Ahmadi woman, later divorcing her and about the circumstances of that woman’s bai‘at later on. He then asked him about the Islamic legal status of that nikah. When this matter was presented before Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa, he gave the following guidance to the National Ameer Germany in his letter dated 25 July 2022: 

“If this person has officiated this nikah with the consent of the girl and her wali in the presence of witnesses and has also registered this nikah under the system of the Jamaat by filling out the nikah form and the people of his halqah in the  Jamaat he resides have been informed about their marriage, then this marriage is permissible and valid. However, if the above-mentioned conditions have not been fulfilled and the nikah has been performed secretly and even after the nikah, it has not been publicised in such a way that the circles of friends of both the man and the woman would become aware of it, then it would be classified as a secret marriage. Consequently, the punishment [ta‘zir] that he has been given in this regard is fully justified.”

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