Can one reconcile after the third talaq (divorce)?


Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa was asked if there was any possibility of reconciliation after a husband had issued three talaqs to his wife over the period of their marriage? 

Huzooraa, in a letter dated 22 July 2019, gave the following reply: 

“The Quranic commandment of اَلطَّلَاقُ‭ ‬مَرَّتٰن is very clear. It means that a talaq after which reconciliation [ruju‘] can take place, can only be issued twice. It further states: 

فَإِنْ‭ ‬طَلَّقَهَا‭ ‬فَلَا‭ ‬تَحِلُّ‭ ‬لَهُ‭ ‬مِنْ‭ ‬بَعْدُ‭ ‬حَتَّى‭ ‬تَنْكِحَ‭ ‬زَوْجًا‭ ‬غَيْرَهُ

It means that after these two talaqs, should the husband divorce his wife for the third time, then he has no right to reconcile with her. Thereafter, he can neither reconcile during the iddah period without a nikah nor after the iddah period with a nikah until that woman marries another man and he also divorces her without any prior intent to do so. 

“Thus, in the case you have described, there is no room left for reconciliation between the spouses unless the condition of حَتّٰی ‬تَنۡكِحَ‭ ‬زَوۡجًا‭ ‬غَيۡرَهٗ is fulfilled.”

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