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The Essence of Fasting

The third pillar of Islam is fasting, the essence of which is still unknown to people.

Expected Level of Belief for an Ahmadi Muslim

Let it be clear that to affirm the covenant of Bai’at with the tongue alone amounts to nothing unless it is practiced with full, heartfelt resolve.

God’s Divine Plan

I am quite certain that the manner in which God Almighty now draws near and manifests Himself and reveals hundreds of matters of the unseen to His servant, is almost unprecedented in past ages.

Those Who God Helps

He is wonderfully Omnipotent and marvellous are His holy powers.

A Complete Transformation is Required

Be careful lest a few accomplishments delude you to think that you have sufficiently fulfilled your purpose.

Times Are Changing

So be grateful that preparations are being made in heaven for spreading Divine light. Blessings are also stirring up in the earth.

Prophets Always Have Difficult Beginnings

Those who are sent by God always have to bear ridicule in the beginning, and it may be rightly said that a Prophet is not without honour but in the beginning of his mission. 

The Promised Messiah’s a.s. Message to the World

Remember that God has informed me about the coming of earthquakes. So, remember surely that in accordance with the prophecy, earthquakes came in America and also in Europe. They will also occur in different parts of Asia.

The Purpose of Bai’at

The Purpose of Bai'at

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