Knowledge of the soul is acquired from the fountain of Prophethood


In the same manner, the relationship that souls possess with graves is a truth no doubt; however, one cannot learn of it through the use of one’s eye. It is the task of one’s spiritual eye to perceive this phenomenon. If anyone expects to reach the depth of this matter by mere reason alone, then let any paragon of reason tell us even so much as to whether the soul exists or not. There are a thousand disagreements on this issue alone and countless philosophers who are bent towards atheism reject the existence of the soul altogether. If this was an issue that could be solved by reason alone, why would any difference of opinion exist at all? For when the task of an eye is to see, I cannot accept how it is possible for the eye of one person to visually discern a white-coloured object for what it is, while the very same organ in another person should function to sense the taste of that same white object.

My purpose is to show that reason alone cannot even tell us with certainty whether the soul exists or not, let alone give us knowledge about its deeper essence or the nature of its relationships. Philosophers consider the soul to be like a lush, green branch and do not consider the soul to have any external, independent existence of its own. The details that we have come to know about in respect of the soul’s existence and its relations etc., are received from the fountain of prophethood.

Those who depend on reason alone cannot even make an evidenced claim in this context. If someone were to say that there are certain philosophers who have written specific details relating to the soul, then remember that they have done nothing more than to glean from the fountain of prophethood and then state certain details. Hence, when it is established that knowledge about the soul is received from the fountain of prophethood, the fact that the soul has a relationship with the grave ought to be viewed from the perspective of Prophets. It is the spiritual eye which shows us that the soul has a relationship with the pile of dust in which a person is buried and that one receives a response when one says the following words:

اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَیْکُمْ یَا أَهْلَ اَلْقُبُورِ

“Peace be upon you, O dwellers of these graves.”

Hence, an individual who employs the faculties that make it possible to meet the dwellers of graves can see the affinity that souls hold with graves. Let me give you an example in this regard. If there was a block of salt and a block of sugar placed side by side, what conclusion could one draw by mere reason alone? Indeed, when a person tastes each of them, it can then be concluded by two distinct tastes that one is salt and the other is sugar. If, however, a person had no sense of taste, how could they distinguish between sweet and salty?

My task is only to explain through argumentation. Just as the rising sun would remain unaffected by a blind person who denies it, in the same manner, a senseless man unable to benefit from rational argumentation would not disprove a matter. Likewise, how can a person deprived of the spiritual eye, observe the relationship that souls possess with graves? Hence, just because someone is unable to observe this phenomenon, this does not justify their denial of it. Such knowledge cannot be ascertained by mere rationality and induction alone; this is why Allah the Exalted has given humans a range of faculties.

If one faculty alone sufficed for everything, what need would there have been for God to bestow man with such a diverse array of faculties? Certain faculties relate to the eye, others to the ear, some to the tongue and others still to the nose. Man possesses various senses. In order to observe the relationship that souls have with graves, a spiritual faculty and sense is required. Anyone who denies this is mistaken. A vast number of Prophets, on whom be peace, and millions of saints and pious individuals have come and gone in the world; countless people who engaged in spiritual exercises have gone by; and all of them are a living testament to this fact. Whether or not we are able to rationally fathom the reality and causes that lie in these connections between souls and graves, the relationship itself cannot be denied.

In short, it is spiritual arguments that settle all of these matters. It is no deficiency on the part of one’s ears if they are unable to see, for this task is performed by another faculty. I am a witness to the fact, on the basis of my own experience, that the soul definitely has a relationship with the grave; a person can speak to the dead. The soul also holds a connection with heaven, where it is given a position. I proclaim once again that this is an established truth. There is testimony of this even in Hindu scriptures. This is a well-accepted concept, except in the view of those who deny the life of the soul. As for the matter of where this link exists and the nature of this relationship, this is something that the spiritual eye will unravel itself. Geologists are able to tell us where a certain metal is located or where a certain mine exists. These experts possess a sense that enables them to detect such things immediately. Similarly, it is a proven truth that souls certainly have a relationship with graves, and this is to such an extent that those who experience visions, through concentration, can even speak to the dead. Nonetheless, as far as doubts and allegations are concerned, this simply has no end.

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Vol. 2, pp. 9-11)

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