Celebrating the life of the Holy Prophet in Sierra Leone


Abdul Hadi Qurashi, Sierra Leone Correspondent

To increase knowledge and improve expressive skills of Jamia students, seminars and jalsas are held on regular basis. Majlis-e-Irshad regularly organise programmes on various important topics.

On 27 September 2020, Jalsa Seeratun Nabi was organised. The programme started at 11am, which was chaired by the Principal of Jamia, Mubarak Ahmad Ghumman Sahib. Sulaiman Sow Sahib recited a few verses from the Holy Quran and presented their English translation as well. Ibrahim S Korom Sahib recited a poem in praise of the Holy Prophetsa, written by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IVrh. Its English translation was presented by Hassan Noah Sahib.

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The first speech of the programme was delivered by Abdul Karim Turay Sahib, on “The Holy Prophetsa, as a preacher”. The speech cited incidents from the life of our beloved Master, Muhammadsa, and showed how profoundly he delivered the message of Allah the Almighty to the people of his country and to various kings.

The second speech was delivered by Hafiz Asadullah Waheed Sahib, Lecturer Jamia, on “The Holy Prophet’ssa manner of advice”. This speech cited the excellent ways of advice practiced by the Holy Prophetsa.

Principal Jamia, Mubarak Ahmad Sahib delivered the last speech on “The Promised Messiah’sas love for the Holy Prophetsa”. He narrated incidents from life of the Promised Messiahas, which clearly showed how much love he had for his Mastersa. He told the audience that complete obedience of the Holy Prophetsa is the key to gain the love of Allah the Almighty.

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A brief question and answer session was held at the end and the students asked questions about the life of the Holy Prophetsa. The lecturers of Jamia answered these questions.

The programme ended with silent prayer.

May Allah the Almighty enable all of us to follow the excellent example of the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa in our daily lives. Amin

Tilawat competition at Jamia-tul-Mubashireen

To enhance knowledge and to inculcate the spirit of فاستبقوا الخیرات (competing in good works with each other) as mentioned in the Holy Quran, the department of Majlis-e-Ilmi is properly established in Jamia-tul-Mubashireen, Sierra Leone. The students are distributed into three groups; Nur, Mahmood, and Nasir. Individual and team competitions take place between the groups on weekly basis. At the end of the academic year, the best group and student is decided on a point basis.

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The first competition for the new academic year, the competition of tilawat, was held on 23 September 2020.

The chief guest for the competition was Hafiz Asadullah Waheed Sahib, a lecturer in the Jamia. Maulvi Sheikh Zafir Ahmad Sahib and Maulvi Hamid Ali Bnagura Sahib assisted him in the judgement.

There was no prescribed syllabus for this competition and the participants could recite a portion of the Holy Quran of their own choice. Five students from each group took part in the event. Alhamdolillah, all participants prepared well for the event.

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According to the judges, Muhammad Yero Kamara Sahib took the first position, Sulaiman Sow Sahib was second and Muhammad Bilal Koroma Sahib was third.

The chairman of the event addressed the students following the competition and informed them of a few points about the recitation of the Holy Quran.

This blessed event ended with silent prayer.

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