“Clean your clothes and your houses”: Campaign in Kosovo


Besmir Yvejsi, Secretary Ishaat, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Kosovo

Hygienic package Istog

Kosovo is among the last countries in the Balkan Region which has been affected by Covid-19 and on 12 April 2020, a month has passed since the first case of infection. Immediately, the Government of Kosovo had increased protection measures for its citizens. But, at the beginning of this week, with the addition of new 79 cases in just one day, the government has taken strict measures and many cities in the country have been quarantined to prevent the spread of this pandemic.

When it comes to cleanliness, the Islamic religion, in addition to spiritual purity, also gives great priority to physical cleanliness, where, in addition to performing ablution before every prayer, it teaches us that “cleanliness is part of faith”.

In his Friday Sermon on 10 April 2020, Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa said:

“General hygiene and keeping the atmosphere within society clean was spoken about by the Promised Messiahas during the time of the plague. After taking all precautions, the Promised Messiahas made it clear that the ultimate reaction is seeking forgiveness from God and bowing in front of him through prayers.”

Based on these teachings, Humanity First Germany, together with Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Kosovo and in cooperation with the Municipality of Istog, organised a project of distributing hygienic packages to more than 500 people who are registered for social assistance in the Municipality of Istog.

The purpose of this aid is to maintain cleanliness during the time of quarantine. Distribution was done door-to-door and hygiene packages included 25 cleaning essentials for keeping the house, clothes and body clean, including antibacterial soaps, toilet fresheners, hand sanitisers, hair shampoos, cleaning sponges, floor detergents, detergents for clothes and utensils etc.

Within the hygiene packages, an awareness letter was distributed regarding ten aspects of cleanliness that we must take care of to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

During the monitoring and preparation of hygiene packages, the Director of the Directorate for Public Services, Protection and Rescue Mr Enver Rugova, the Director of Education Mr Hajrush Shoshi and the Director of the Directorate for Urban Planning and Environment Mr Besart Dreshaj came and all were thankful for the donation. Mr Enver Rugova, said:

“In a meeting of the municipality, we discussed how the hygienic packages will be distributed. The packages will go to the right place. We have chosen the poorest families and the distribution has started. The family members (who have benefited from this help) are satisfied and we are very grateful for this sufficient donation for the family from Humanity First Germany”.

Meanwhile, Mr Besart Dreshaj said:

“This is a sufficient package and we are grateful for the work that Humanity First is doing”.

Humanity First Germany, by the grace of Allah the Almighty, is doing an excellent job of helping the countries of the region in general and the state of Kosovo through institutional routes.

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