Coming from every distant track: An officer visits Qadian to meet the Promised Messiah


A series looking at the high standard of morals of the Promised Messiahas and his Khulafa when receiving visitors

Awwab Saad Hayat, Al Hakam
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In 1899, Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra was employed as a clerk in the Accountant General Office, Lahore. He would often visit Qadian to meet with Hazrat Ahmadas. In July 1899, a respectable officer visited Qadian and had the honour of meeting with the Promised Messiahas. Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra was present on this occasion. He said that the “discourse was based on such beneficial and useful words that I immediately noted most sentences in my notebook, as was my habit. Afterwards, I thought it would be appropriate to give our friends an opportunity to benefit from this deep and subtle discourse through the Al-Hakam newspaper.” 

The following conversation was originally published in Al Hakam, 24 July 1899, pp. 5-7. 

Whilst speaking about the purpose of the establishment of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, Hazrat Ahmadas addressed the honourable guest and said:

 “‘Whenever you come here to Qadian, do visit my home without any hesitation at all. We are not accustomed to any formality whatsoever. My endeavours are wholly religious and I am completely detached from the world and its relations and affectations. It is as though I am dead to worldly preoccupations. I am devoted to the Faith and my entire mission is religious in nature — as has always been the case with the past saints and holy men of Islam. My mission is no new undertaking; my task is to dispel those beliefs which pose a danger to the people in every respect, and to purge their hearts is our true desire and objective. For example, some foolish people hold the belief that it is permissible to steal the possessions of people belonging to other nations and usurp the wealth of disbelievers. Then, in order to support their inner, base desires, they fabricate numerous Hadith as well. These people also hold as a matter of doctrine that Jesusas, who was to reappear in the world, would engage in violence and shed blood — although a religion of compulsion is no religion at all. In short, terrifying doctrines of this sort and false ideologies have taken root in the hearts of people, and it is to dispel and replace them with peaceful doctrines that my community has been established. As has always been the case, people of worldly bent have always opposed divine reformers, saints and those who came to teach virtue. So, too, has been the case with me. My opponents have spread false information about me purely by way of slander and calumny, to such an extent that in order to cause me grief they even submitted false reports about me to the government, stating that I was a conspirer who harboured intentions of rebellion. It was necessary for the people to act in this manner; for in every era, the ignorant have always behaved as such towards those who wish them well, i.e. the Prophets and their heirs. However, God Almighty has vested man with intelligence and the government officials know the nature of these people very well. […]’” (Malfuzat, Vol. 2, pp. 30-31)

Alluding to the need and call of the era, Hazrat Ahmadas said: 

“One ought to observe how people have strayed from true doctrines. Two hundred million books have been published against Islam and many hundreds of thousands have become Christian. All things have a limit, and after the dry season, even animals in the jungle raise their heads to the sky hoping for rain. Today, after thirteen hundred years of sun and drought, rain has descended from heaven and now no one can stop this rain. Who can stop the rain when the monsoon season arrives? This is an era in which the hearts of people have become immensely distanced from the truth, to the extent that they have even begun to doubt God Himself.’” (Malfuzat, Vol. 2, p. 32)

With regards to the importance of belief in Allah, the Promised Messiahas explained: 

“‘All actions are directed by one’s belief. For example, if someone were to mistake arsenic for bamboo, they would consume many grams of it. However, if the individual was certain that the substance before them was a deadly poison, they would not bring it anywhere near their mouth. In order to embody true virtue, a belief in the existence of God is necessary, for human authorities are not privy to what a person does in their own home or the actions they commit in hiding. Although a person may claim by tongue to be righteous, if they hold contrary beliefs in their heart, they have no fear of being called to account for it by the people. For there is no government on earth whose fear inspires man constantly and equally during the night and day, in darkness and in light, in seclusion and in public, in private and in the open, at home and in the marketplace. Therefore, in order to reform our morals, belief in such a Being is necessary who watches over man in all states and at all times, and who is privy to all the deeds, actions, and secrets of man’s heart. For in actuality, only such a person is truly righteous whose outer and inner state are one, and whose heart accords with his image. Such a per- son walks on earth like an angel. An atheist is not subject to an authority that can move them to attain the best of morals. All outcomes are the result of belief. For example, a person who recognises a snake’s burrow will not put their finger in it. When we know that a certain amount of strychnine is deadly, we firmly hold that it has the power to kill, and it is due to this very belief that we will not consume it so that we may be saved from death.’” (Malfuzat, Vol. 2, pp. 32-33)

Further expounding upon the proof of the existence of God Almighty, Huzooras said: 

“‘Decree or the phenomenon whereby all things in the universe move and operate according to a specific measure and under a specific law is evidence of the fact that there must be a determining agent or being that establishes these parameters. If a watch had no conscious inventor, how could this device function consistently as per a set system so that we are able to reap its benefits? Similarly, the order observed in the heavenly watch, and in its fixed and fine-tuned system, demonstrates that it has been intelligently designed for a specific purpose and objective, and in order to benefit us all. In this way, through the created, one can learn of the Creator, and through decree, one can learn of the determining Master behind it. 

“‘However, more so than this, Allah the Exalted has furnished another means to prove His own existence. Prior to the event, God discloses His decree to His chosen ones and informs them that on such time and on such day He has decreed for such an event to occur. And so, the individual whom God has chosen for this work informs the people in advance and reveals that such and such an incident will occur; and then that occurrence does in fact take place, just as he has foretold. This is such an argument in favour of the existence of God Almighty, which puts any atheist to shame and leaves them speechless. 

“‘God Almighty has granted me thousands of such signs, which result in a captivating belief in the existence of Allah Almighty. Such a large number of my community is present here today. Who from among them has not witnessed at least a few signs of this nature? If you wish, many hundreds more could testify to the same. Have not a large number from among the godly and holy and those who are righteous and pious, and who possess intelligence and insight in every respect, and who are well-established in terms of employment, been satisfied? Have these people not witnessed such things which could never be within the power of man to achieve? If these people are questioned, each and every one of them will declare themselves to be the first of those who bear witness in this respect. Is it possible for people from all walks of life, which include the erudite, scholars, physicians, doctors, merchants, saints, spiritual leaders, lawyers and respected officials, to proclaim that they have witnessed so many heavenly signs with their own eyes if they were first not fully satisfied themselves? And when such people do actually declare what I have said—and anyone who denies this fact is free to confirm it—then in view of this collective testimony, one ought to reflect over the conclusion that a seeker of truth will arrive upon, if in fact, they are truly a seeker of the truth. At the very least, an uninformed person can appreciate without a shadow of a doubt that if this group of people composed of the well-educated, wise, and well-to-do, and those who do not depend on anyone financially, by the grace of Allah, were not perfectly certain about my claim, and if they were not fully satisfied in respect of me, why would they leave their homes, and bear the separation of their loved ones, to live with me here in straitened circumstances as wayfarers? Why are they forever devoted and fondly ready to support my community financially in accordance with their individual circumstances? 

“‘All things have an appointed time. Spring arrives at its appointed time and so does the monsoon season. There is no one who can thwart the plans of God.’” (Malfuzat, Vol. 2, pp. 33-34)

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