Courage and high resolve


A person must not lose hope. Determination is also a high moral quality and a believer is characterised by high resolve. One ought to always be ready to serve and support the Faith, and should never show cowardice. For cowardice is the mark of a hypocrite. A believer is gallant and courageous, but courage does not imply that they lack good judgement. Any action done without appropriate consideration of the prevailing circumstances is recklessness. A believer is free from haste. In fact, a believer remains prepared to serve the Faith with immense sagacity and forbearance, and is never cowardly.

Sometimes a person will act in a manner that displeases God Almighty and thereby arouses His indignation. For example, if a person shoves away a beggar, this is harsh behaviour, which results in the displeasure of God Almighty. In turn, such a one becomes deprived of the opportunity to give something to the beggar. However, if a person acts in a gentle and noble manner, and even if he gives the beggar a cup of water, this results in a removal of the spiritual contraction of the heart (qabz).

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Vol. 2, p. 15)

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