Detroit Public Library: “Real talk about Islam”


Muhammad Ahmad, Detroit


The Detroit Public Library held a programme titled “Real Talk about Islam” on 11 January 2020 at their main branch located at the Woodward Ave. This is one of the oldest libraries in the State of Michigan that was opened for service on 25 March 1865.

The library is situated in a large historical building within walking distance to the Wayne State University campus. Library Director, Meghan McGowan welcomed the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to the library and then, after a brief introduction, she invited Shamshad Nasir Sahib (Missionary) to talk on the subject of “Real Talk about Islam”.

Shamshad Nasir Sahib, along with Secretary Tabligh, Muhammad Ahmad and Secretary Publication, Ahsan Aziz represented Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Detroit. A brief summary of the fundamental Islamic beliefs and the five pillars of Islam was given by Shamshad Nasir Sahib:

“Islam means peace. When we greet each other, we say ‘Assalamo Alaikum’, which means peace be on you. Every aspect of Islamic teaching revolves around unity of God Almighty, His worship, prayers and peace. Peace with oneself, peace with fellow human beings and peace in a home as a family and in the society. Islam is a religion of nature. Every aspect of the religion, may it be prayers, fasting, relationships, all are based on nature”.

An open forum was also held for the public to ask questions. Many of the attendees asked questions regarding some of the rituals done during the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, Hajj. One attendee asked specifically regarding women and their treatment and rights in Islam and another attendee wanted to know more about what humanitarian activities the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was doing.

The Jamaat presented various books and leaflets to the attendees, including Life of Muhammadsa, Islam’s response to contemporary issues, World crisis and pathway to peace. Flyers on the introduction to Islam, Ahmadiyyat, Jihad and other information leaflets were also given out

After the formal proceedings, attendees had an informal conversations with the Jamaat members where they continued to ask questions on various topics and removed many of their misunderstandings.

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