Divine signs: Acceptance of the Promised Messiah’s prayers

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The Promised Messiah and Mahdi, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas was given the miracle of acceptance of prayer. On many occasions, Arya Samajists, Hindus and Sikhs etc. used to ask the Promised Messiahas for prayers and the founder of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat used to inform them beforehand that his prayers regarding the requested matters had been accepted by Allah.

Consequently, the prayers of this messenger of God Almighty were fulfilled exactly as he had foretold. Hence, the Promised Messiahas states:

“Some divine prophecies are listed below…:

No. 1

Name of Arya Samajist: Keson wala Arya [i.e. having five Ks, kesh (uncut hair), kangha (wooden comb), kara (iron or steel bracelet) and kachh (cotton undershorts) and kirpan (sword)] Bhai Kishan Singh of Qadian.

The revelation or vision that was witnessed: The acquittal of Judge Muhammad Hayat Khan from a crime regarding which he was accused and suspended for a period of time after awkwardly coming under the criticism of the government was an unimaginable thing. Hence, in those days I prayed a lot for him because he had a somewhat sincere connection with our family, so by the grace of God, his matter was revealed to me and about five or six months before it happened, I conveyed the news of his exoneration to an estimated 60 or 70 men from among the Hindus and Muslims, as well as this Arya, in such a critical time while terrible rumours were circulating about Hayat Khan that some were fearful of him being hanged. Thus, if this statement is not correct according to this witness, then he should swear in a proposed Jalsa in such manner, ‘I bear witness to my Parmeshar and I swear sincerely that this prophecy was not told to me at all. And if it has been reported to me and I have told a lie, then, O Sarv shakti maan [Omnipotent God], send down your warning on me and on my family through any affl iction.’

No. 2

Name of Arya Samajist: Lala Malawamal Khatri of Qadian.

The revelation or vision that was witnessed: Malawamal was afflicted with tuberculosis and when his condition became dangerous I supplicated on his behalf and received the revelation:

قُلْنَا يَا نَارُ كُونِي بَرْدًا وَسَلَامًا

“That is, ‘O fire of fever, cool down.’

Then I saw in a dream that I had pulled him out of the grave. He was informed both of the revelations and of the dream before the events occurred. Hence, after a few weeks, he recovered. Then, one morning, it was revealed that money would be received from some relative of Arbab Lashkar Khan on that day. In order to test, the same Arya Sahib went to the post office and brought the news of receiving ten rupees, which were sent by Arbab Sarwar Khan, son of Lashkar Khan. If this statement is not true, then Malawamal should swear in a proposed Jalsa in such manner: ‘I bear witness to my Parmeshar and I swear sincerely that this prophecy was not told to me at all. And if it has been reported to me and I have told a lie, then, O Sarv shakti maan [Omnipotent God], send down your warning on me and on my family through any affliction.’ It should be noted that Malawamal, in his letter dated 14 August 1885, written on behalf of Mir Abbas Ali Sahib, which is in our possession, has acknowledged the authenticity of these two prophecies.

No. 3

Name of Arya Samajist: Lala Sharampat Rai Khatri of Qadian.

The revelation or vision that was witnessed: Lala Sharampat Rai’s brother was accused in a criminal case. There was an appeal in the Chief Court. Lala Sharampat asked for prayer. Hence, aft er carrying a lot of prayers, finally the prayers were accepted and it was revealed from the Knower of the unseen that misal [records] would return from the Chief Court for reinvestigation and then he would be released, but his other Brahman friend, whose name is Khushal, would not be released until he served the complete prison sentence. Thus, this news was told to Lala Sharampat in a time of great fear and danger before its occurrence and then when it was fulfilled, he was reminded through a written statement, to which he replied in writing, ‘This matter was revealed to you because you are a pious person.’

“Second, he [Lala Sharampat] was told about Dalip Singh before the event that it had been disclosed to me that he was not destined to arrive in the Punjab. He would either die or be humiliated but would not achieve his purpose. Third, concerning Pandit Dayanand, Lala Sharampat was informed two months before his demise that his end was very near. Actually, in my vision I had seen him dead. Fourth, regarding a land case which was filed with the collaterals and reached the Chief Court through various courts after many years, I received this revelation after praying:

اُجِیْبُ کُلَّ دُعَائِکَ اِلَّا فِیْ شُرَکَائِکَ

“That is, ‘I shall accept all your prayers that you have beseeched but not in the matter of your collaterals.’ Thus, the cognates won this case in the end. At first, they were defeated in the primary courts, but ultimately, they won in the Chief Court. Probably more than 50 people are aware of this revelation, including Lala Sahib, who was foretold this revelation at the beginning of the trials. Fifth, on one occasion, I received the following revelation in the mosque about the time of Asr:

میں نے ارادہ کیا ہے کہ تمہاری ایک اور شادی کروں

“‘[I have determined to arrange another wedding for you.] I will make all the arrangements Myself and you will not be put to any trouble.’ This was accompanied by a Persian couplet:

ہرچہ باید نو عروسے راہماں سامان کنم

و آنچہ مطلوب شما باشد عطائے آں کنم

“Some revelations also indicated that the family [into which I would be married] would be high and noble. Hence, one revelation said, ‘God has provided you with a noble descent and has arranged your marriage in a noble family.’ All this was communicated to Lala Sharampat long before the event. He knows well that without any effort on my part, God arranged this relationship in a high and noble family … of Syeds and made provision for all connected matters and expense in such a manner that I did not undergo any trouble in that regard. To this day, He continues to fulfil this promise. Sixth, the prophecy mentioned at the outset of which Keson wala Arya is the witness, Lala Sharampat is also among the witnesses. Now I say that if Lala Sharampat does not consider all the said prophecies to be true and believes them to be utter slander, then it is incumbent upon him to hold a public Jalsa and swear before us in this manner, ‘I bear witness to my Parmeshar and I swear sincerely that I am not aware of a single prophecy which have been mentioned and none was told to me and nothing was fulfilled before my eyes. And if I have told a lie in this statement, then, O Sarv shakti maan [Omnipotent God], send down your warning on me and on my family through any affliction.’

No. 4

Name of Arya Samajist: Bishan Das Brahman son of Hera Singh.

The revelation or vision that was witnessed: Bishan Das Brahman son of Hira Singh was informed by this revelation that today a letter by the name of Abdullah Khan Sahib is coming from Dera Ismail Khan and he will also send some money. So this Arya went to the post office for verifying and brought a letter sent from Abdullah Khan Extra Assistant, which came from Dera Ismail Khan with ten rupees. Thus, in the same manner of swearing, the said Bishan Das should be enquired. The man also confessed to witnessing the revelation in front of Harnam Das Arya of Batala.

No. 5

Name of Arya Samajist: Baijnath Brahman son of Bhagt Ram.

The revelation or vision that was witnessed: Baijnath Brahman son of Bhagt Ram was informed, on the basis of a vision, that in the space of a year he would be afflicted with some misfortune and there would also be an occasion for joy. Thence, I obtained his signature to this prophecy, which I still have with me. Thereafter, within one year his father died at an early age. On the same day there was a happy occasion, that is, someone’s wedding was being celebrated. He should also be enquired about this prophecy under oath, but by an oath of the same kind [as mentioned above].” (Shahna-e-Haq, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 2, pp. 380-384)

The readers should bear witness to God Almighty with full sincerity of their hearts and ask themselves whether these events are evidence of the Promised Messiahas being from Allah or whether they prove him to be insane and delusional.

Inviting to spiritual competition, the Promised Messiahas states:

“Now if anyone is a seeker of truth, whether he is a Hindu or a Christian or an Arya Samajist or a Jew or a Brahman or anyone else, this is a great opportunity for him to stand up against me. If he is able to compete with me in revealing the unseen and the acceptance of prayers, I swear by Allah Almighty that I will hand over all my real estate property, which is close to ten thousand rupees or I will console him in paying the ransom in any way he wishes. My God is the only witness that I will not be unfair in my dealing and even if there is death penalty, I will embrace it with all my heart. I say this from my heart and Allah Almighty knows that I am telling the truth. If anyone has any doubt and does not believe in my suggestion, then he should offer a good ransom offer and I will accept it. I will not make any excuse. If I am a liar, it is better that I die with a severe punishment and if I am truthful, then I wish that some of the dead should be saved at my hand.

“O clergymen, who are honoured and distinguished among their people. I swear by Allah Almighty that you should pay attention to this. If you have an iota of love of this righteous man whose name is Jesus Christ, I swear to you that you must stand up against me. I swear by that God who created Jesus from the womb of righteous Mary, who revealed the Gospel, who caused Jesus to die but did not place him in the dead, but joined him with His living Jamaat of Abraham and Moses and John and the other prophets. He revived him and brought him to those in the Heavens who were revived before him. So that you may stand up against me if the truth is with you. If the truth is with you and Jesus is the true God, then you have the victory. But if he is not God and he is a humble and weak man and the truth is in Islam, then God will hear me and He will manifest that matter at my hand what you are not capable of showing. If you say, ‘We do not contest, nor do we possess the signs of the believers,’ then let us look at the one-sided work of God Almighty on the condition of converting to Islam.

“Let every one of you who is well-known, a leader and respected among his people, or one of them, compete me. If you are unable to contest, just promise me that you will become a believer after witnessing something that cannot be done by a human being and accept Islam. Ask me to see a sign and they should publish their promise as an announcement with twelve testimonies of Christians, Muslims and Hindus, that is, four Christians, four Muslims and four Hindus should put their oath on it. Send an announcement to me as well and if God Almighty shows an extraordinary spectacle of nature which is above human powers, then accept Islam without reluctance. Thereafter, if they do not accept, then the second sign is that I will ask my Almighty God to send down a terrible affliction on such a person in a year’s time, like leprosy or blindness or death. If this prayer is not accepted, then I will pay any kind of suggested ransom as a punishment. The same condition is presented before the Aryans that if they believe their Veda as the word of God Almighty and consider our Divine book, the Holy Quran, as a slander of man, then they should contest. They should keep in mind that they will be greatly disgraced during the competition. They possess atheistic views and unlimited cleverness in abundance. However, God will prove to them that He is, and if they do not compete, then let they see a one-sided sign from me without any absurd condition. It would be sufficient for my sign to be from Allah that if an Aryan who has witnessed a sign does not accept Islam soon after, I will execrate against him and if he does not suffer from leprosy, blindness or death in a year, then I am ready to take any kind of punishment. Same conditions apply to the rest of the people and if still they do not turn towards me, then God Almighty’s demonstration has been established over them.” (Aina Kamalat-e-Islam, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 5, pp. 276-278)

The Promised Messiahas, on another occasion, said:

“God Almighty bestows three blessings on His perfect servant through His revelation. First, most of their prayers are accepted and they are foretold about their fulfilment. Secondly, God informs them about many unseen matters. Thirdly, many verities of the Holy Quran full of wisdom are disclosed to him through revelation. Thus, whoever denies this humble one and then claims that these abilities are found in him, I swear by God Almighty to compete with me in these three things. Both the parties should write a commentary of seven verses of the Holy Quran which are unanimously approved, i.e. the opposing party should compose insightful points from his divine inspiration and I should write from my revelation. Moreover, he should present some revelations in advance which carry the good news of the acceptance of prayer and that prayer should be beyond the power [of man]. I would present in the same way. He should also disclose some unseen matters that are related to the future and so should I reveal so in the same manner. This statement of both parties should be published through announcements. Then, each party’s truth and falsehood will be exposed. However, it should be borne in mind that they will never be able to do so. The curse of God is on the hearts of the deniers. God will not show them the light of the Quran, nor will their prayers carrying the news of fulfillment beforehand be accepted in front [of me], and He will not inform them about the unseen matters.

فَلا يُظْهِرُ عَلَى غَيْبِهِ أَحَدًا إِلّا مَنِ ارْتَضَى مِنْ رَسُولٍ

Thus, now I have presented this announcement. A person who neither competes with me in the rightful manner after this nor refrains from denying, they are under the curse of God, the curse of the angels and the curse of all the righteous ones.” (Appendix Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 11, p. 303)

The Promised Messiahas repeatedly drew the attention of his opponents to the subject of the verse:

لَّا یَمَسُّہٗۤ اِلَّا الۡمُطَہَّرُوۡنَ

“None shall touch it except those who are purified” (Surah al-Waqiah, Ch.56: V.80), that if he was a liar according to the opinion of the people, then what is the reason that such sublime divine knowledge is granted to him and not given to his opponents?

The founder of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat invited leaders and scholars of various religions time and again to compete with him in the acceptance of prayer and challenged them that Allah Almighty shall surely help Islam to triumph.

Despite repeated cries and calls, no one came forward because they knew that the Messiahas of Muhammadsa was supported by God and they were not.

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