“Eternal blue skies of peace and prosperity” – Huzoor speaks to external guests at Jalsa Germany

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Courtesy of AMJ Germany

Karlsruhe, 6 July: Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa delivered his second address today at a special session with non-Ahmadi guests attending Jalsa Salana Germany. 

Before the opening session commenced, Urino Jose Botelho, representative of Sao Tome, presented Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa with a key to a new hospital on behalf of the President, Manuel Pinto da Costa. Mr Botelho thanked Huzooraa for the hard work carried out by Humanity First in Sao Tome whilst also inviting him to Sao Tome for the opening of the new hospital.

Courtesy of AMJ Germany

The recitation of the Holy Quran from Surah Ha Mim al-Sajdah, verses 34-36, initiated the formal session. Thereafter, Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa addressed the assembly. 

After tashahud and ta’awauz, Huzooraa thanked the guests for attending the Jalsa after which he explained its purpose: the spiritual, moral and religious development of attendees.  

The prophecy of the Holy Prophetsa was mentioned concerning the advent of the Messiah. Huzooraa explained the practice of God Almighty Who had always sent spiritual entities to revive religious communities. In the same light, the Promised Messiahas was sent by Allah as a reformer who revived and rejuvenated the true teachings of Islam whilst also bringing mankind back to its Creator.

After the brief introduction to the Jamaat, the current situation of the world was discussed. Humanity desires harmony, security and peace – world peace being the desire of every single person. However, the truth is that division and conflict have spread to all corners of the world; for example, currently, civil wars are rife. Tensions within states are present, immigration has caused a rift within countries and the world is now at a breaking point. 

At an international level, nation states are fighting one another and unjust wars are taking place. Economic and trade wars have started to assert dominance. Huzooraa said “The world is being plagued by the blood-soaked stain of conventional warfare.”

Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa stressed the sad reality of the world ruining the future prospect for our children. The unimaginable threat of a war is at its brink. Huzooraa highlighted that powerful nations are asserting their influence in an unjust manner, trying to achieve their own aims.

Terrorist organisations and their political ideals were talked about whilst the dangers of the rise of the far-Right was also discussed. Mentioning “intolerant bigots”, Huzooraa said that they are disuniting society and causing disruption. It is therefore evident that though humanity has an innate desire for peace, the reality is quite the opposite.

Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa said that he had been raising the voice against the situation of the world for a long time and now, other people were also raising such a voice. 

Huzooraa mentioned a French ambassador to the United Nations Security Council who expressed his dismay at the condition of the world and the failure of the UN in various matters, saying “We are now in a new world disorder.”

Huzooraa indicated that powerful nations aim to establish a new world order, however even high ranking diplomats admit the reality is far from it; instead, we have a new world disorder. 

The same mistake that took place in Syria cannot express itself with Iran again. 

Reiterating the words of a professor who was a senior economist at the White House during the Clinton administration, it was voiced that a war between the US and China would be worse than the infamous Russo-US Cold War.

Huzooraa said, “My greatest fear lies in the potential of a nuclear war breaking out.” A war between the US and Iran would have an effect on the whole world, including Germany and other European nations. Therefore, Germany and other European nations must take practical steps to stop such a war.

Professor Taylor, an economist and academic, mentioned that the youth are not worried by the threat of a nuclear war, rather, climate change is seen as the greatest danger, something which worried him. 

According to a recent survey, Germans are most worried about climate change. However, this is not the greatest risk; nuclear war is a far greater risk. Referring to various academics, it was highlighted that the nuclear threat the world is experiencing currently is the greatest danger.

Economic issues naturally came under discussion. The current economic structure based on a capitalist system has been widely accepted as weak and frail. Huzooraa said that economic fairness should underpin the world financial system. 

The potentially devastating effect of Brexit on Germany was also mentioned. 

Huzooraa presented a recent study in support of the economic benefits of immigration. To blame immigrants for all the problems of a country is greatly unjust when actually all nations are interdependent. 

Huzooraa said that “instead of creating barriers and isolating ourselves” we should “work together for common good”; governments should strive for this. At the same time, it is the responsibility of immigrants to integrate.


With all of these points in mind, it can be deduced that the blame for the lack of peace in the world cannot be put upon Islam, rather there are geopolitical issues underlying these problems.

There is only one path that can lead us to salvation and deliver us from war and conflict – that is the path of God. Huzooraa said, “Peace does not lie in power or wealth, rather peace lies in the cradle of God Almighty.”

Allah’s mercy has always been expressed when the world has been on the brink of destruction through a reformer; for this era, it is the Promised Messiahas. This Messiahas told the world that Islam is a religion of peace and brotherhood, whilst also exhorting Muslims that they must fulfil the rights of God’s creation.

Echoing the Promised Messiahas, Huzooraa said to seek refuge under the shade of God Almighty to be safe from wars and conflict.

Drawing on the saying of the Promised Messiahas, Huzooraa said that if mankind did not recognise its Creator, then no nation would be safe.

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Courtesy of AMJ Germany

At the end, Huzooraa prayed that we set a positive example for those who follow us so that our coming generations live in peace. Huzooraa prayed for the dark clouds of war and enmity to give way and be replaced by eternal blue skies of peace and prosperity in all parts of the world.

Huzooraa thanked the guests for taking the time out to attend the event. 

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