Fasting in a state of illness or travel


“Any individual who observes the fasts of Ramadan while in a state of illness or travel is unequivocally disobeying the explicit command of Allah the Almighty. God has distinctly decreed that those who are ill or on a journey should abstain from fasting. Fasts should be completed after regaining health from illness and upon the conclusion of one’s travels. This directive ought to be followed, for salvation [najat] is attained through His grace, not by demonstrating one’s endurance or physical prowess. Allah has not delineated any specific length for the journey, nor has He defined a threshold for the severity of illness. The command is universal, and adherence to it is incumbent. Should a sick person or a traveller choose to fast, they would consequently be defying the command [of Allah].”

(Badr, 17 October 1907, p. 7)

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