Fires in villages of Senegal: Ahmadis from Humanity First Senegal go to aid


Musa Khan, Senegal

Last month, several villages in the Tambacounda region caught fire, as most of the houses in these villages were made of thatch.

Unfortunately, in such an event of a fire, it engulfs the entire village. In an instant, not only did these poor people become homeless, but they also lost their belongings and even their beds.

In this situation, the government administration and the people of some villages contacted Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Senegal to help the affected families. So, Humanity First Senegal, with coordination of Humanity First Canada provided assistance to the families affected by the burning of houses, providing food items such as rice, cooking oil, pasta, as well as sleeping mattresses, utensils for food, buckets and mugs, clothes for women and children to wear, etc. 


Jamaat Senegal also helped many families in the form of cash. $3000 were spent to provide assistance to 29 families from 7 villages of the region.

As for distribution of aid is concern, in some areas, under the administration of the government, in the presence of the mayor and the vice governor we distributed food items and other essentials. We reached remote villages, some 50km from the paved road, and shared the grief of the villagers as well as distributed food items to them.

Mayor Tambacounda organised a special ceremony in appreciation of the social services of Humanity First. Amir Jamaat Senegal attended the ceremony at the special invitation of the mayor. 

The mayor appreciated the social services of Humanity First Senegal. Chairman Humanity First Senegal, Nasir Ahmad Sidhu Sahib and Oumar Sane on behalf of Humanity First, briefed the government administration and audience on the Jamaat’s services and other social works all over the Senegal concerning water pumps, alternate energy resources, solar energy etc. 

Later, aid was distributed to the victims in the presence of Governor Tambacounda, Mayor Tambacounda and other officials.

May Allah the Almighty accept these services of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Senegal and Humanity First Senegal. Amin

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