Food and hygiene packs for Greek Forum of Refugees


Atta-ul-Naseer, National President, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Greece

In Athens, Humanity First Germany is continuing to support the needy and vulnerable through the local Jamaat. There are several recognised refugee families in Athens whose financial support has been stopped by the government. These refugees are in need of monthly food rations to support their families. Many of them have already received notices to leave their accommodation as well because they are recognised refugees and they are expected to earn their own living to support themselves.

We were in communication with the Greek Forum of Refugees who were raising money to support vulnerable families. They have done an excellent job in this regard with support from various international donors.

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Bearing in mind our budget from Humanity First Germany, we requested them to send us a list of families and we will try to provide them assistance. The list was provided. We prepared food and hygiene packs for 25 families.

Every pack contained rice, macaroni, cooking oil, chicken cubes, chopped tomatoes, long life milk, tea bags, four different lentils, sugar, salt, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

A team, consisting of nine Khuddam and Atfal volunteered 44-man hours in buying, preparing and delivering the packages to 25 families. The total weight of all 25 packages was 575kg.

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On 8 June 2020, we were joined by the President of Greek Forum of Refugees, Mr Younos Muhammadi, who guided and assisted the volunteers to the homes of these families, alhamdolillah.

May Allah bless all donors and volunteers of Humanity First in the best possible manner. Amin

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