Food donations to homeless shelters by Ansarullah Scotland


Arshad Mehmood Khan, Glasgow

To celebrate Ashra Isaar (ten days for humanitarian services) Majlis Ansarullah Scotland organised various food donations across Scotland. 

Our region is serving humanity in various capacities on a regular basis, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic started.  

When these events were shared on social media, the charities involved retweeted widely and thanked Majlis Ansarullah Scotland for the donations and serving the homeless. Thus, the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat spread through these charities and homeless shelters.    

On 18 November 2021, Majlis Ansarullah Glasgow made food donations to the charity “Help The Homeless Glasgow”. The food included hot lentil curry with rice and tea and coffee on a chilly cold evening. 

On the same day, Majlis Ansarullah Edinburgh donated food items to Dunfermline Foodbank in Inverkeithing, which included toiletries, tin food, cereals and snacks.

On 25 November 2021, 40 dinner packs of chicken pasta were donated to the charity Help The Homeless Glasgow.

On the same day, food was donated to another charity, ANYISO Glasgow, which included tin food, ready meals, pasta, cereals, crisps, and long-life milk.

On 30 November 2021, on behalf of Isaar department Majlis Ansarullah UK, food was donated to Glasgow Northwest Foodbank, which included tin food, pasta, jams, cereals, biscuits, crisps and chickpeas.

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