Football Tournament of Friendship in Buenos Aires: Instilling positive habits amongst children


Marwan Sarwar Gill, Missionary, Argentina

On 2 January 2021, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Argentina had the opportunity to arrange a football tournament for 40 children.

This tournament was held under the title “Tournament of friendship” – the aim was to strengthen ties of friendship and respect amongst the children of different neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Every child who participated was given a medal and winning teams were awarded with trophies. This initiative was launched in the same neighbourhood where we distribute free meals, snacks and milk to around 100 children who belong mostly to families that economic struggles and challenges.

The children enjoyed the tournament and their parents were also grateful as it was a good means to strengthen ties with their children.

Insha-Allah, the idea is to hold more frequent football tournaments with the objective of providing education about the importance of physical and moral wellbeing, to the next generation.

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