Friday Sermon connects worldwide Jamaat despite lockdowns and quarantine


Friday, 3 April, Islamabad, Tilford: In today’s Friday Sermon, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V, may Allah be his Helper, continued with the series of Friday Sermons on the Badri Companionsra. However, before proceeding on this subject, talking about the global condition, Huzooraa said:

“According to the current world situation and abiding by the law the government here has implemented, Friday sermons cannot be given in front of an audience of worshippers. In accordance to what the law permits, it has been arranged today that I deliver the sermon from the mosque because whether there are people directly in front of me or not, there are still hundreds of thousands who are listening to the sermon worldwide.

“We should always strive and pray for upholding this worship [Friday Prayers]. May Allah improve the situation, get rid of this pandemic and then may the beauty of gatherings in mosques return again.”

Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa, at the end of his sermon, read some extracts of the Promised Messiahas:

“Once the Promised Messiahas said to Hazrat Mufti Sahibra ‘to keep houses lit with lights and in these days’ – it was the days of the plague – ‘houses should be kept very clean, clothes should also be kept clean’. The Promised Messiahas said, ‘Days are very arduous at present and the atmosphere is poisonous; cleanliness is also Sunnah [the practice of the Holy Prophetsa]. It is also written in the Holy Quran:

وَ ثِیَابکَ فَطَھِّرْ وَالرُّجْزَ فَاھْجُرْ

[“And keep thy clothes clean. And uncleanliness do thou shun.” (Ch. 74: V. 5-6)]’

“Then, at another occasion, the Promised Messiahas said, ‘Those who are seeing the plague spread with intensity in their towns and villages should not leave their areas; they should keep their houses clean and warm while also taking all essential precautions. The most important aspect is that they seek true forgiveness. By undergoing a pure transformation, they should seek peace with God Almighty. Waking up at night, they should profusely pray in Tahajud.’

“Then he [the Promised Messiahas] said, ‘It is only the true transformation of oneself that can protect from this punishment of God. And how true this is.’

“May Allah the Almighty enable every Ahmadi to pay special attention towards prayers in these days. Follow the instructions of the government as well and keep your houses clean; incense should be used and continue to spray Dettol [disinfectants] etc. which are available.

“May Allah the Almighty have grace and mercy upon everyone. In any case, pay great attention towards prayers in these days. May Allah enable everyone to do this.”

The full transcript of the sermon will be available on Al Hakam in due course. Insha-Allah

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