May Allah give courage to Muslim countries: Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V speaks against Israeli oppression


During his Friday Sermon today, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa said:

“As I have been urging prayers for the Palestinians, pray that Allah the Almighty grants the world the ability to take genuine practical steps against oppression. Some voices have started to rise, and people are acknowledging and saying, ‘There is oppression and this is indeed oppression.’ However, it seems that everyone is intimidated of the Israeli government, or the Western world is inherently opposed to Muslims. Due to this hatred, they wish that the oppression of Muslims does not end, or the efforts that should be made are not being made in the right manner. They fail to see the innocent children, the oppressed women, and the elderly who are suffering under this tyranny. We cannot place much trust in them, but we should continue our efforts, keep advising them, and persist in our prayers.

“May Allah Almighty give courage to the Muslim countries to strengthen their voice and truly unite to raise their voice against this oppression and strive to end it.”

Huzooraa also led two funeral prayers, one of which was for the late respected Ahmad Hussain Abu Sardana, who was a renowned scholar and Ahmadi Muslim from Gaza and was martyred during the recent conflict.

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