Georgia and Arab delegations meet Huzoor

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Photo courtesy of AMJ Germany

Karlsruhe, 6 July: Among the countless people meeting Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa on a daily basis during Jalsa Salana, many delegations travel from distant countries to attend this annual convention.

Among the groups who met Huzooraa prior to Maghrib and Isha prayers this evening was a delegation of European Georgia party, an opposition party of the Georgian government. Among the advice that Huzooraa gave to the party was to try and remain in the EU as this would help strengthen their economy. Huzooraa, upon being told that Georgia is a peaceful country, advised them to promote their tourism industry. But at the same time, Huzooraa expressed his desire that tabligh of the Jamaat in Georgia is accommodated as it should be in a peaceful country.

The next group to have an audience with Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa was from the Arab world. As soon as Huzooraa saw them, Huzooraa asked, “What do you have to say?” All members unanimously said out aloud, “Alhamdolillah!”

Huzooraa then said, “Do you want to ask for prayers? I pray that Allah have mercy on you!”

A member of the delegation thanked Huzooraa for the provision of MTA 3 Al Arabiyya. He said that it had come as a saviour as there is no better guide than Ahmadiyyat to salvation. Huzooraa asked the member whether he watched MTA 3 Al Arabiyya regularly, to which multiple people replied that they were regular and keen viewers.

A gentleman told Huzooraa that life before Ahmadiyyat meant nothing more than earning money. The quality of his Salat, he said, was not up to the mark and he would just rush through it without understanding it. Ahmadiyyat had made a whole lot of difference in giving him an understanding of his connection with Allah.

A girl was fortunate to recite a few lines from a Qaseeda written by the Promised Messiahas. Huzooraa listened to this young girl’s recitation with great affection.

A youth told Huzooraa that he had once supposedly heard him say that one who does not go to the mosque for congregational prayer was a hypocrite. Huzooraa replied that he would not declare anyone a munafiq. But the importance of congregational Salat could not be denied.

Huzooraa said that even if one cannot attend the mosque, they should at least strive to offer it on time and in a befitting manner. A congregation does not necessarily have to be in a mosque. If there is no mosque nearby, Ahmadis can gather in one house and say it in congregation. Even members of a household can have congregational Salat.

A gentleman told Huzooraa that he had seen in dream that he was embracing Huzooraa. Huzooraa replied that he could do so later in a private mulaqat. He then added that if time permitted, he would allow him to do so.

A woman became very emotional as she told Huzooraa that she had only just accepted Ahmadiyyat about three months earlier. None of her family was aware of this and she was still not confident enough to bring it to their knowledge. Huzooraa advised that she should take her time and not hasten in anyway. When circumstances become favourable, she should look into informing them.

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Photo courtesy of AMJ Germany

While spiritual blessings were being showered upon the audience, some of the delegates took the opportunity to seek advice on health issues from Huzooraa. For example, a gentleman asked about a certain health issue. Huzooraa graciously advised that he should increase physical activity and drink more water, especially in the mornings.

A little girl asked Huzooraa if she could show Huzooraa her painting. Huzooraa very keenly enquired what it was and graciously granted her permission to bring it over to him. Huzooraa saw the painting and appreciated her effort, advising her that humans should not be drawn as it comes out distorted, however, there was no harm in other still life drawings.

A gentleman made a reference to today’s speech where Huzooraa had mentioned that the world was on the verge of a global war. Huzooraa replied that the purpose of the advent of the Promised Messiahas was to unite the world on din-e-wahid – one faith. Those who do not pay heed, whether they are Muslims or otherwise, will see that the result will be neither pleasant nor desired.

The Promised Messiahas said:

آگ ہے پر آگ سے وہ سب بچائے جائیں گے

جو کہ رکھتے ہیں خدائے ذوالعجائب سے پیار

It is every Ahmadi’s responsibility to spread this message and obey the one sent by Allah; the servant of the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas.

As Huzooraa left the gathering, Huzooraa turned to the gentleman who requested to embrace Huzooraa and Huzooraa lovingly embraced him.

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