Germany Khuddam Seek Guidance from Huzoor a.a.


Khuddam from Reutlingen, Germany, travelled to London for a special group mulaqat with Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa.

In recent years, many local chapters’, Khuddam, Atfal, Nasirat, Lajna and Ansar amilas have travelled from all over the world to London with the sole purpose of meeting their beloved Imam. This is surely a unique kind of audience where Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa learns about the activities of Ahmadis on a more local level and is able to guide his guests to even the minutest of details. 

The group from Reutlingen consisted of predominantly students, studying a wide range of disciplines including civil engineering, electronics, business and economics. Many of the Khuddam sought valuable advice from Huzooraa regarding their respective studies and future options. 

The regional qaid of Reutlingen asked Huzoor how one could develop patience as a qaid. Huzooraa replied by saying:

“What kind of patience? There are many conditions and occasions of patience. If a person repeatedly physically assaults you and you continuously show patience, then remember we are not going to abide by the teachings of the Bible; you should stop him without showing too much aggression. That is one kind of patience. Secondly, consistently trying to persuade and encourage Khuddam to perform a particular task requires patience. Saying ‘I told him to perform a task and he did not perform it’ and ‘I am angry now as I am the qaid’ is wrong – patience should be shown. Therefore, there are various levels of patience and you all are to give Khuddam training, hence, you should show patience and do their tarbiyat with perseverance and steadfastness.”

Huzooraa further said, “You should not express anger. If you do, then you have failed in your purpose.”

Another question was with regard to a monetary amount which was given to Khuddam after giving blood. As it was the organisation’s policy to give money to those who give blood, the khadim asked Huzooraa which charity they should give the amount to. Huzooraa replied by saying:

“You can present it to charity organisations such as Save the Children. At the same time, contact journalists and newspaper representatives and tell them that Islam teaches us to serve humanity and that is why we are giving blood, to serve humanity, and not for any remuneration. Tell them, ‘We have been given this amount for blood donation by the organisation (or hospital) due to a policy and so we have decided to donate this to a charity’.”

Explaining the effect this would have, Huzooraa said:

“As a result, you will be presenting the true teachings of Islam. Today, a great voice is being raised against Islam that these people are terrorists and fanatics. To eradicate this, you can invite local newspaper representatives so that people come to know the true teachings of Islam; that we serve out of sympathy for mankind.”

Huzooraa was asked if we are in an economic third world war to which Huzooraa replied:

“Trump is fighting right now; there is uncertainty about post-Brexit conditions, and riots in France are taking place… the far right have capitalised on this condition in France. Commentators say that if this condition remains in France, Italy and other countries, then the European Union will cease to exist.”

Talking about a world war, Huzooraa said: 

“Practically we are undergoing an economic crisis, and the ultimate result will be like that of 1932; the onset of a world war.”

A parent asked how children can be refrained from overuse of internet, phones and tablets. Huzooraa replied by saying:    

“Research has emerged that over one hour of screen time negatively affects the eyes of children – their memory is affected – and sometimes children are mentally affected to such an extent that they show autistic characteristics. That is why for the proper development of their brains, protection of their eyes and health, you should limit their time. There should be an element of discipline for children; no more than one hour of television or internet.”

Huzooraa explained how if parents gave a free hand to children, the result would be detrimental for their life development. 

Soon after, a khadim enquired about how he could manage his anger. Huzooraa advised him not to show anger towards his wife and children and that he should seek help from Allah in his five daily prayers to curb his anger.

A young khadim enquired about prayers during sajda (prostration). Huzooraa advised by saying:

“You should pray for yourself that Allah makes you righteous, enables you to offer all your five daily prayers, makes you steadfast upon Ahmadiyyat, gives you the opportunity to propagate the pristine teachings of Islam and protects you from the negative influences of the Western society.” 

Another young khadim posed a question asking why non-Muslim nations were living in peace and harmony whilst Muslim nations experienced poverty and unrest. Huzooraa eloquently replied by saying: 

“Do Christians only live in America and Europe? They are present in South America, Latin America, there are many Christians in Arab nations, most of Africa is Christian, whilst many islands in Indonesia are also Christian – are they also as developed as the Western nations? They are not. The question is therefore not about religion, it is about why there was worldly development in such nations. Firstly, it is due to the law of nature that what you sow is what you shall reap. If a Christian or even an atheist works hard, Allah will inevitably grant them success.”

Huzooraa further explained that being a Muslim did not guarantee worldly success; rather, hard work was required. Expounding further on the question, Huzooraa stated:

“Firstly, they have recognised the fact that hard work is vital for success. Secondly, Allah has explained that this success was to be given to Christian nations – this is pointed out in Surah al-Kahf… However, a time will come when they will decline, and that has started.”

Huzooraa highlighted how Islam Ahmadiyyat would lead the world, pointing towards the 99% literacy rate of Ahmadi Muslims compared to the 40-50% literacy rate of world Muslims. Huzooraa said that Islam does not merely promote the success of this world, rather, achieving the reward of the hereafter should be the true goal. Huzooraa said that our actions should be such in this world that they enable us to acquire the success of the hereafter.

The mulaqat concluded with Khuddam blessed by taking a group picture with Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa.

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