Gratitude to God


“Therefore, it is necessary and incumbent on a believer to perform prostrations of gratitude before God Almighty whenever they are blessed with an achievement [because] God did not let their effort go in vain. The result of this gratitude will be that a person will increase their love for God Almighty and grow in faith. In fact, this is not all; such people will be graced with even further successes because God Almighty states that if one shows gratitude for His bounties, He shall increase His bounties upon such a one; but if one is ungrateful for His blessings, then remember that such a one shall be seized by a grievous punishment. Always keep the principle in mind that the task of a believer is to feel embarrassed when they are blessed with any form of success, and praise God for having showered His grace upon them. This is how a believer advances, and by demonstrating steadfastness in the face of trial, they receive the favour of God.”

(Malfuzat [English], Vol. 1, p. 153)

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