Hartlepool community explores Islam at King Charles III’s coronation celebration

Tahir Selby, Missionary, UK

The Nasir Mosque in Hartlepool celebrated the King’s coronation with a garden party on 7 May 2023 and around a hundred friends and neighbours joined members of the Jamaat for a lovely day together. The guests were shown inside the mosque, where an exhibition was on display and children played games outside.

The Hartlepool Mail reported:

“Farhan Ali, outreach and external affairs secretary at the mosque said: ‘We have arranged this event today so that people can come in and join with us because it is a great occasion, the King’s Coronation.’

“Residents were also given the opportunity to step inside Hartlepool’s own purpose-built mosque and learn more about Islam as a religion.

“Mr Ali said: ‘We have displayed some banners and the Holy Quran so that people can come in, have a look and see what Islam is, what our community is, how we are helping the local community out and what we do to serve their local community.’

“Also, a podcast for Hartlepool Mail was made of an interview with Mr Farhan Ali.”

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