“He is no ordinary person” – Guests’ impressions of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih


After Jalsa, Ahmadis around the world are informed through Hazrat Amirul Momineen’saa Friday Sermon about the general impression of Jalsa Salana.

However, we rarely get to hear about guests’ impressions specifically related to the person of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa.

It is an honour for Al Hakam to present the sentiments and impressions of guests with respect to Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih Vaa below:

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Photos courtesy of AMA UK

Al Haj Muhammad, Inspector General for Religious Affairs of Boke province, Guinea Conakry said regarding Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa:

“Listening to the addresses of Khalifatul Masih, I felt as if they were the exhortations of a prophet being given to his nation for their reformation. I feel that if anyone wishes to act in accordance with the true teachings of Islam and would like to follow the footsteps of the Holy Prophetsa, then the spiritually charged addresses of Khalifatul Masih will suffice for them.

“I am very happy and pray that Allah the Almighty grants Khalifatul Masih a long life, not only for Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya but also for the whole Muslim Ummah. This is because we are in need of a spiritual leader who is able to give guidance in the best possible manner.”

John Arandia from Bolivia, who has his own show on television and radio, said the following about the addresses of Huzooraa at Jalsa Salana:

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“I gathered from the addresses of the Khalifa, especially his address to the ladies, that he does not care about what the media or external guests think [about what he says]. His aim, rather, is to present the true teachings of Islam before the world and to exhort his followers to act in accordance with them. Initially, I found it strange that the Khalifa said that he does not care about what the media says. But, after explanation, I understood that the responsibility of a spiritual leader is not to follow the world or the media, rather it is to bring the world towards the correct spiritual path.”

Fanta Fofan Oumar, lieutenant at customs in Guinea airport expressed:

“I swear by God that after seeing Khalifatul Masih, all my doubts and uncertainties vanished. By attending the Jalsa, I am certain that if there is any Jamaat in the world that can represent Islam, then it is the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.”

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Umar Mikashir, a new convert from France said:

“I came to Islamabad a week ago and my son was extremely ill. The compassion Khalifatul Masih showed us during our mulaqat will never be forgotten by me or my son. Due to the illness of my son, I had initially planned not to attend the Jalsa. However, after the mulaqat with Huzooraa, my resolve and confidence grew and at the same time, the condition of my son also began to improve…

“Jalsa is never complete without the addresses of Huzooraa. How great was the final address of Huzooraa in which he pointed out for others what Islam is. He explained how the absence of modesty leads to the destruction of a nation. Huzooraa, in the best possible manner, presented Islamic philosophy for the betterment of society. It was a great address! The address increased my knowledge manifold and I heard the answers to those questions of mine that no one else could answer.”

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Tony Radakin, First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy, regarding Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa, stated:

“Previously, I was neither aware of the Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Community nor his efforts towards establishing peace. The best aspect of his speech was that he speaks to his Jamaat in a very open manner. Having the chance to meet him was an honour for me.”


Yoshida Nichiko, the chief of the Buddhist temple in Japan, addressing Huzooraa, said:

“During the International Bai‘at ceremony, I could not control myself and decided to give my hand to you for the establishment of worldwide peace and to create a society based on the pillars of love and brotherhood. Thus, I also participated in the Bai‘at. I recognise your leadership and I have promised that I shall assist you towards your efforts in establishing world peace.”

Haja Musu Damba Kamara from Sierra Leone expressed:

“The addresses of Huzooraa had a tremendous impact and was very insightful. By listening to the Jalsa speeches, I have increased my religious knowledge. In reality, these speeches were the reason I participated in Jalsa.”

Bai Tass Bubu Ngbak IV, a chief from Sierra Leone, said to Huzooraa:

“The addresses of Huzooraa were full of knowledge and I was deeply touched by his insight.” Alimamy Brun Kanu, Member of Parliament, Sierra Leone, said:

“The addresses of Huzooraa were the foundation and an important part of Jalsa Salana. He informed us about Islamic values and told us that the way we can be protected from the current condition of the world is through prayers and a connection with God.”

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Rafael Leon, the architect of the Basharat Mosque in Pedro Abad, Spain, said:

“Every member of our delegation is touched by the messages of Khalifatul Masih; he has shaken our core. This community has practically showed the importance of hospitality. We are also aware of the atrocities that are carried out against this Jamaat in a completely unjust manner. We have also come to know more about this Jamaat through the publishing of its numerous books.”

Ilana Calles, Member of Parliament, Guatemala expressed:

“This Jalsa was a unique experience for me. The great personality of Khalifatul Masih is spellbinding. He is exerting every possible way to establish peace and love within the world.”

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Harry Van Bommel, a previous member of parliament from Holland was overjoyed after meeting Huzooraa and expressed his desire with Holland Jamaat members to further promote Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya in Holland. An expert psychologist from Holland said that she was not able to say anything while in the presence of Huzooraa. However, she said to convey her gratitude to Huzooraa later on.

Simeon Sawadogo, Minister of Religions, Interior Minister and Minister of State for Burkina Faso, said the following regarding Huzooraa:

“His Holiness is very experienced. When one observes him, it becomes evident that he is a man of God. His Holiness has a very deep understanding of the world and I was amazed that he knew so much about Burkino Faso. When I began my discussion with him, I felt as if he knew what I was thinking. His Holiness is a personality who can be trusted. When he smiles, it looks very delightful.”


Regarding the International Bai‘at ceremony, he expressed:

“It was a chain of sincerity, loyalty and obedience that is a model for the world. People are not understanding the message of the Khalifa. The world today is chasing materialism, however humanity will be at a loss because of this. Huzooraa presented guidelines from which a better society can be established. He spoke of the rights of parents as well as the rights of children. He even spoke to the extent of the rights of enemies. Now, when I return, I will be ready to serve the Jamaat in a better manner.”

Sayouba Quedraogo, Member of Parliament from Burkina Faso, said:

“I would like to deeply thank His Holiness. He listened to us with great attention, gave our delegation a lot of respect, laid importance upon Burkina Faso and granted us a lot of time. The prayers His Holiness gave us, our leaders and for the establishment of peace within our country are precious to us. We were also welcomed in a very agreeable manner at Jalsa Salana. We listened to His Holiness’ addresses with great attention. His Holiness stressed the importance of unity and working together. He also spoke of the rights of women, men, children and the elderly and presented these from the teachings of the Holy Quran.”

Al Haj Ismael Nignan, owner of SMTV Channel and a member of the Superior Council of Communication in Burkino Faso, expressed:

“I have been deeply affected by the personality of His Holiness. His simplicity is alluding, and he possesses a very high spiritual rank. He also has a lot of knowledge.”

Gabriel Negrin, the chief rabbi of Athens, speaking of his meeting with Huzooraa, said:

“It is a great honour for me to have a brief, yet meaningful assembly with His Holiness.”

Rafael Cocoles from Spain, who is a councillor of La Pobla de Vallbona, said:

“The educational elements of His Holiness’ addresses were remarkable. I will further spread this message of peace. I am also very thankful for having the opportunity to meet His Holiness.”

Mrs Luz Gomez Garcia, a professor of Arabic and Islamic studies from Madrid University, expressed her sentiments by saying:

“I would like to thank His Holiness for openheartedly reminding us in accordance with the hadith that, like the parts of the human body, the health of every member of humanity is essential.”

Male Hoso Yaqub, Vice President of the Muslim Committee in Benin attended the Jalsa for the first time. He said:

“His Holiness addressed the whole world in his speeches. This message is not exclusive to Muslims alone, rather it is a global message. I have been deeply affected by the fact that there is someone within the Muslim world who can also address global issues at an international level and present their solutions…

“By meeting His Holiness, I felt as if I was before a spiritual entity who Allah has bestowed with wisdom, understanding and knowledge and has granted great powers upon to carry out this work. There has been a deep impression upon me after meeting His Holiness.”

Susana Mangana, a professor of oriental studies from Uruguay, said:

“From the missionaries to the volunteers, in various departments, whether they are serving food or are drivers, there is one common factor: they all have extraordinary obedience and sincerity towards their Khalifa.”

Comlan Patrice Nobime, Member of Parliament and Head of the Finance Commission in Benin, expressed:

“When I met with His Holiness, I felt as if he knew me personally. He was aware of every country and was personally informed of their conditions. Prior to this, I could not comprehend what power was informing him of these conditions. Then I perceived that it was his connection with his Lord that was telling him.

“During the meeting with the Benin delegation, His Holiness was so happy and joyful that I thought we were the first group to meet with him. However, later I found out that numerous groups had already come to meet him. The addresses of His Holiness are, in the truest manner, a guide for establishing peace.”

Sireen Amsita from Senegal expressed:

“Meeting His Holiness, it was as if we were with light. It is true, the Jamaat is assembled in a chain of love under the leadership of His Holiness. Especially, witnessing the children waving at Amirul Momineenaa from a distance and expressing their love towards him. At the Jalsa, we saw love from the Imam.”

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Paul Biyoghé Mba, previous prime minister and member of parliament of Gabon, attended the Jalsa Salana for the first time. He expressed:

“The atmosphere of the Jalsa was very pleasant. The atmosphere surrounding Khalifatul Masih was spiritual and this is something I cannot forget. I have been very impressed by the organisation at Jalsa Salana. Both elders and youngsters were working like a chain and were serving the guests for the love of God.

“The addresses by Khalifatul Masih have deeply affected me. He is very simple, yet has an influence and possesses spirituality. His speeches were very good and impressionable, they are a perfect guide for establishing peace, love and brotherhood. With great depth, His Holiness spoke of the ways to develop peace and love amongst children, the elderly, women, men, husbands, wives and how to make one’s life full of peace.”

Shantel Marth Ilati from the council of Gabon in Benin, regarding her meeting with Huzooraa, said:

“Prior to meeting His Holiness, I was wondering how the meeting would go. However, when I entered his office, I saw him smiling as if he knew us. He is very simple, yet has an impressionable personality. Time passed so quickly during the meeting that I regretted it had finished so early. Nevertheless, this meeting had a great impression upon me.”

Harry Ali Gonisa, who is the advisor to the president of the Central Republic of Africa, attended the Jalsa for the first time. He said:

“The Ahmadiyya Jamaat has a purpose to establish brotherhood across the world and they are exerting a great amount of effort day and night. Other organisation lack this great sincerity that we witness here. The addresses that His Holiness delivered were of a very high calibre and the teachings he spoke of had a great effect…

“I pray for Khalifatul Masih, who is working for the betterment of humanity, that Allah grants him a long life. The atmosphere of Jalsa was a new experience for me; it was as if everyone knew one another.”

Jesus Gabalam, a journalist and lawyer from Columbia, expressing his sentiments, said:

“The manner in which Khalifatul Masih presented human rights is especially praiseworthy. Without a doubt, Khalifatul Masih is a great personality who is continuously striving to establish global peace…

“As a journalist, I have had the opportunity to meet and interview important political, social and religious figures. However, the spiritual personality of the Imam of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat has had a profound effect upon me. I desire to acquaint the people of Columbia with the beautiful teachings of Islam, as this is something my country is in great need of. For this, I would like Ahmadi missionaries
to be sent there.”

Mustafa Mohzat, a Moroccan from Belgium, said:

“The addresses of His Holiness have had a great impact on me. They reflected the true teachings of Islam. Due to the wrong interpretations of Islam by scholars, I became distant from Islam. Other Muslims used to say not to question and to just follow what the Imam had to say. However, the Moroccan Ahmadis present here [at Jalsa] have answered my questions with great depth.”

Maria Eugenia Delgado Padilla from Mexico Jamaat, said:

“I have been given great love here from everyone and in the worlds of Khalifatul Masih in particular, have filled my heart with the love of Islam.”

Ma Dolores Luna Campos, from Mexico, said:

“By pledging allegiance at the hand of the Khalifa, I felt as if Allah has forgiven all my sins. I have now become a Muslim and will never leave this Jamaat.”

Bethania Escobar, a new convert from Paraguay, said:

“Huzoor’saa addresses had such teachings within them that we can implement immediately. They were a guidance for both Muslims and non-Muslims. I felt as if I was speaking to God Almighty during the Jalsa. I had lots of questions that were not answered fully, however after listening to the addresses of Huzooraa, all of my questions were answered. I felt as if Huzooraa delivered his addresses while keeping my questions in mind. From a spiritual perspective, I am returning with a wealth of knowledge.”

Egar Sahib, a religious expert and author from Ukraine performed Bai‘at during Jalsa Salana after an extensive study of the Jamaat. He is the first Ukrainian Ahmadi. He said:

“I was able to learn the purpose of my life after listening to the addresses by Huzooraa. On numerous occasions, Huzooraa has laid stress on establishing righteousness during his speeches at Jalsa Salana. Huzooraa is our religious guide and a very simple-natured person, who is constantly striving to turn the attention of people towards believing in God.”

Artur Sahib from Kazakhstan said:

“Prior to meeting with Huzooraa, one is always worried and perplexed over what he will say. However, as soon as Huzooraa looks towards you with great love and affection, you cannot put that into words. I am fortunate that Huzooraa allowed me to embrace him. After embracing Huzooraa, I felt as if my heart had been saturated with peace and my faith was refreshed. After I came out of the meeting with Huzooraa and had the opportunity to hug him, I felt as if I was born again.”

The mission from Honduras said that a new convert, Lorenzo Louiz, became so emotional during his meeting with Huzooraa that he could not control himself. He later told the missionary that prior to meeting Huzooraa, he had not met such a spiritually great person who gave him such love and attention. Don Francisco, a member of the royal family from Brazil who also owns a newspaper and radio station, talking of Huzooraa, said:

“His Holiness is no ordinary person. He is a great, sacred personality who has knowledge of the past. He knows history and is also acquainted with the current affairs of the world. Whenever he speaks, he does so with great wisdom, deep knowledge and a wealth of experience. Whenever he talks to someone, it is as if he is not only looking towards them but also their internal condition.”

Mauro Henrique, who is the president of the Petropolis city council in Brazil, said:

“Another aspect that had a profound effect upon me and which I must mention is that whenever the Khalifa arrives, thousands of people gather and instantly stop talking. No one needs to say anything. From this, it is evident that it is not only the organisation that people respect and honour, rather they have an immense amount of respect and honour for the Khalifa within their hearts.”

Mr Edison, a new convert from Brazil, states:

“I have seen the Khalifa closely and I felt that the status of the Khalifa is evident from his every action and movement. His standing, sitting, talking and seeing etc. is the true reflection of Islam. Whenever an Ahmadi meets Huzooraa, naturally he becomes emotional due to his closeness.”

Orli Mesias Haro a bishop from Ecuador expressed:

“The addresses by the Khalifa were full of spirituality and knowledge. They contained all those aspects that were necessary to change our views. The best aspect of these speeches for me was that he did not single out any negative point of a nation or religion, rather his whole focus was upon the true and positive teachings of Islam …

The Khalifa’s addresses were full of references and incidents and were extremely

Regarding his meeting with Huzooraa, he said:

“This was a very strange and spellbinding experience for me. The spiritual aura and magnetic attraction of the Khalifa could be felt in the whole surrounding. The aspect which had the most effect on me during the meeting was that the Khalifa met with every person at the same level. Present in the meeting were journalists, religious personalities and even very important ministers. However, for the Khalifa, each person was as important as a minister. By witnessing this, I was reminded of Jesus [peace be upon him] whose companions were also seen as the same, irrespective of being poor or rich. I also saw the face of Jesus by witnessing the Khalifa’s humility and meekness.

Antonio Miguel Carmona from Spain, who attended this year’s Jalsa Salana, later on, in an interview with Spanish television, said:

“I have met with their Khalifa and he is a saint. The Khalifa is a sacred person.”

Kooper W Kruah, a Liberian minister of post and communications, talking about Huzooraa, said:

“The meeting with the Imam of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat has left a profound effect on me. He has heartfelt anguish for the establishment of peace within the world. He was worried particularly about my country, Liberia. He was so worried that he especially prayed for our country, our leadership and our economy. Thus, I truly believe the Imam of the Ahmadiyya Community to be a man of God. I pray that Allah grants continuous success to the Ahmadiyya Community and that he blesses the Khalifa.”

Senaid Begic, Member of Parliament in Bosnia, attended with his family. He expressed:

“The one thing that affected myself and my family the most during Jalsa was our meeting with the Khalifa. The way I can describe this meeting is that his words were simple, yet every word had an effect … His way of speaking was graceful yet covered the topic with wisdom … In his personality, I witnessed a courteous friend. For this reason, I announce today that for my whole life, I too will maintain a connection with this friend with full sincerity.”

Renee Trujillo from Belize said:

“His Holiness’ addresses are in direct accordance with the need of the time. The greatest impact upon me were his addresses at the ladies’s side … This experience has enabled me to better understand the religion of Islam”

Barry Schwortz, an internationally renowned Turin Shroud expert, said:

“The Khalifa is very gracious to us. Whenever we meet him, he always gives us a book of his or a special book on Islam. As I have visited five times before and had the opportunity to meet him each time, I have acquired a collection of books from him. So, this year, when he was about to give me some books, I said to him that I already have these books and that he should give them to those people who are deprived of them so they too benefit. Upon this, he accepted my recommendation, thanked me and did not give those books. Just a minute ago, a man came to me and said that Huzooraa has sent these new books for you. This was a very astonishing thing for me. He is a great personality.”

Hugh Farey, a Catholic Christian and scientist, after meeting with Huzooraa, said:

“I am a scientist, therefore I do not pay much attention to this special feeling. I ask other Christian doctors as to what they mean when they say that they have a special feeling towards Jesusas. I ask them to explain this to me as I do not understand the presence of anything or this feeling. However, when I met with the Khalifa, I truly experienced this feeling and presence.”

Matha, an artist who had visited Jalsa Salana, said the following about Huzooraa:

“It was an honour to meet with His Holiness. I did not know much about him. I was very happy to meet a Muslim who opens the doors to the world like he does and who is the embodiment of love and tolerance. Like I said before, I did not know much about the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, however after meeting him, I was very pleased and was able to understand more about Islam.”

A guest, Emanuala, commented saying:

“Meeting with the Khalifa was amazing. One can sense his insight and kind nature instantly … He would keenly listen to each person with great attentiveness. This was no formal meeting, rather it had a friendly atmosphere.”

For the first time, representatives from Uyghur Muslims came to Jalsa Salana. Rushan Abbas, the Executive Director for Uyghur Muslims, said:

“Meeting with His Holiness was very special and emotional. Prior to the meeting, I had seen light upon the face of the His Holiness. I was very anxious, but His Holiness removed all worry through his captivating smile. During the meeting, he showed us a picture of Dr Abdus Salam on which something was written in the Uyghur language. His Holiness loudly read out what was written to which we were all surprised that His Holiness knows how to read Uyghur language.”

(Courtesy of Additional Wakalat-e-Tabshir, UK)

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